Saturday, June 19, 2010

BA vs SW/BA 1.75k normal mission batrep

Had 2 games with Krom today. 1st game was against his drop pod dreadnought + TWC list. 2nd game was against his BA 6 dreadnoughts list. I will be using my same BA list that was used against IG few days ago, switching my death company dreadnought with a furioso dreadnought as I cant take a death company dreadnought without taking death company squad. (A mistake in my old list which was pointed out by Krom)

1st game
Mission: Seize ground
Deployment: Dawn of war
Objectives: 5
SW wins roll off but elect to go 2nd.

Game ends on turn 4 as BA had 2 fleeing assault squads with no chance to rally and a lone terminator +  LRR and a Librarian + rhino left.


Victory to SW

2nd game
Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Dawn of war (lol... I roll 3 sixes in a row)
BA(mephiston) wins roll off but elect to go 2nd.

Game ends on BA(dreadnought) turn 5 as Krom needed to leave.

BA(mephiston) : BA (dreadnoughts)

Victory to BA(mephiston)

Click below for BA(mephiston) list and some highlights.

BA list


Assault terminators
3x TH/SS, 2X LC

Sanguinary priest
Terminator armour
Sanguinary priest

Assault Squad
+4 assault marines
melta gun

Assault Squad
+4 assault marines
melta gun 
PF/Combat shield

Furioso dreadnought

Baal predator
flame storm
H.Flamer sponsor

1st game highlights
-Baal predator outflank on the left and manage to flame 4 grey hunters and inflict 1 wound on a rune priest, but was subsequently wreck by a lone surviving melta grey hunter.
(no chance to get rid of the 2 grey hunter units holding 2 objectives)
-Epistolary managed to fear off the SW multi-melta bikes. (Fear of darkness rocks!)
-LRR was stunned by a drop podded dreadnought, prevent it from moving up to intercept TWC unit 1.
-Rhino with assault squad + priest move up to block TWC unit 1 becoming a wreck and limiting LRR movement. (Dont know why I did that?!?!)
-Mephiston and assault squad combine charge TWC unit 2 and killed 3 TWC but lost by 2. Mephiston stay and assault sq ran. (mephiston fluff his to hit rolls, rolling 3/6 hits with rerolls)
-Assault squad with priest charge TWC unti 1 and lost combat and flee. (should have ran away instead of charging...)
-Mephiston was charge by TWC unit 1 and was cut down by tons of power fists. (perils double sixes on sanguine sword to rub salt into the wound)
-LRR multi-melta  kept rolling 1s to hit for 3 consecutive turns. (everything is going wrong)
-Terminators disembarked and destroyed a drop pod but was charge by TWC unit 1. Getting 4 rendings from the TWC and rolling double ones and two for storm shield save... leaving only 1 LC terminator alive.

Lesson learnt
I should have played more aggressively and not hide around waiting for the SW to come. Bring the battle to them and keep pressuring your opponent, but it was DOW and my opponent not deploying anything I could not decide where to rush my stuffs and end up holding in a small corner with the 2 objectives. 

My initial plan was, as my list had only 2 troops I wanted to grab multiple objectives using my limited troops. So I place the objectives very near each other and played defensively, while using baal predator and mephiston to destroy enemy troops holding objectives.

Maybe I should reserve everything and let his drop pods come in on his 1st turn as he gave me 1st turn. Then I could see where his units are and come in to rush those. Also I should have space out the objectives so he cant mass his drop pods in 1 area, while I can seperate them and target those drops pods with troops that land near the objectives.

2nd game highlights
-Mephiston ate 2 furioso and 1 normal dread. (hungry!)
-Assualt sq sgt 1 prove himself by wrecking a dreadnought with his 2 pf atks. (Sanguinius was watching)
-Assault sq 1 killed 2 more drop pods after wrecking the dreadnought.
-Assault sq sgt 2 immob a furioso before dying, reducing the furioso threat.
-Assault sq 2 killed a rival 7 men assault sq . (Krom fluff his rolls, dealing 0 wounds to me)
-Assault termins killed a 7 men assault sq with librarian before getting hammered by 2 normal dreads. (fluffing my 3xSS rolls again)
-Furioso was charged by 2 normal dreads and hold them for 3 turns, suffering immob and multiple stuns before mephiston came to his rescue killing 1 of the dreads. Furioso also killed the 2nd normal dread on the same turn mephiston charged in.
-LRR flame some assault marines and killed 1-2 drop pods.

Krom was testing this mass dreadnought list for his cousin. He made a mistake by drop podding too near my assault terminators and I was also able to take advantage of his unlucky rolls. With many drop pods giving "free" KPs,  I can easily sly  KPs to win even when I have 1 model left. Oh yes, Krom taught me the power of frag cannon. Teaching me new BA stuffs every wk lol. I should read the codex more.


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