Sunday, June 27, 2010

BT vs IG 1k / BA vs BA 1.75k normal mission batrep

Another week end, played 2 games today. 1st game was against Beardy One trying his IG while I try Black templars. Both of us playing our armies for the 1st time.
2nd game was against Skanwy using his theme sanguinary guard BA list, Skanwy was back from Australia for his break and my 1st game with him since last year. I will be using my old BA list.

1st game
Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Dawn of war
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 5
Objectives: BT-IG

2nd game
Mission: seize ground (no!!!)
Deployment: Dawn of war (LOL!)
objectives: 3

Game end on turn 6
Objectives: BA(mephiston)-BA(Dante)
Victory to BA(Dante)

Click below for armies lists and game highlights

BT list
admantine mantle,CCW, PW,holy orb of antioch,Crusader seal

Emperor Champion
Accept challenge no matter the odds

Assault terminators
LCx2, TH/SS x 3
Crusader seal

Crusader squad
initiate x 5 - Bolt pistol, CCW
neophyte x 4 - shotguns
Crusader squad
initiate x 5 - Bolt pistol, CCW
neophyte x 4 - shotguns


IG list (not accurate)
HQ command sq
master of ordanace

veteran squad x 4
melta x 2

ratling x3

griffon x 2

griffon x 1
basillisk x1

1st game highlights
-Lousy rolls by Beardy one for his heavy weps allow the foot-slog BT crusader squads to move towards IG line almost unscathed. 
-LR crusader ram a griffon at str 9 but failed to glance.
-LC Assault terminators was shot by multi-lasers and fluff their armour saves.
-Emperor champion easily cut down 10men vet squad and proceed to decapitate  the 3 ratlings camping in a hill. 
-Marshal and 2nd crusader squad survived IG fire power and manage to reach IG line but with many IG vehicles contesting IG objective, they could not claim it.




Assault terminators
3x TH/SS, 2X LC

Sanguinary priest
Terminator armour
Sanguinary priest


Assault Squad
+4 assault marines
melta gun


Assault Squad
+4 assault marines

melta gun 
PF/Combat shield

Furioso dreadnought

Baal predator
flame storm
H.Flamer sponsor

BA(dante) list (not accurate)
Sanguinary priest x 3
sanguinary guard sq x 4
chapter banner
1 sq plasma pistols
3 sq infernus pistols
Scout sq
1 sniper, 1 heavy bolter

2nd game highlights
-Sanguinor charged 1st assault squad + sanguinary priest after Dante wreck their rhino and killed 8 leaving the sgt and priest, both struck back and inflict a wound on Sanguinor.
-2nd assault squad + mephiston charge the Sanguinor. Mephiston was weaken by Dante death mask, but with priest nearby he struck 1st and killed Sanguinor.
-Mephiston as usual died on turn 2 by the combine might of infernus and plasma pistols.

-Flame storm baal predator outflank, but the sanguinary guard use their jump pack to escape the holy promethium flames.
-Baal predator chase the sanguinary guards almost half the board before getting blown up by plasma pistols to its side armour. (doing nothing for whole game except moving flat out to chase the flying golden angels)

-LR:R shot its multi melta at Dante who separated from chapter banner sanguinary squad. Instant killing Dante in a single melta shot. (Dante bite the dust again! lol) 
-Chapter banner sanguinary sq charge the furioso dreadnought, inflicting wep destroy and immob before the furioso killed the squad.
-Furioso was later wreck by plasma pistols.

-2nd assault sq was wiped out by a sanguinary guard sq lurking around ruins.
-Same sanguinary guard sq flown to contest an objective, assault sq sgt was claiming.
-assault sq sgt + priest + librarian came out of rhino to kill off the sanguinary guard sq, the sgt dying in the process. (losing the only objective I was claiming)

-Last surviving sanguinary squad with priest flown from ruins with objective #1 to ruins with objective #2 alternating claiming objective #1, #2 avoiding the LR:R that was trying to flame them. It was also avoiding the assault terminators that was trying to charge them.

With no troops left for BA(mephiston) army the only way to get a draw was killing BA(dante) troops. LR:R on turn 5 tried to move out of ruins to flame the last sanguinary guard sq but immob in it... BA(dante) scouts ran up the ruins to further reinforce BA(dante) claim on the objective.


Skanwy said...

It was a close fought game which could have gone either way. I enjoyed it lots! The DT tests were more successful this time round lol! Dante sadly became a gold bar as predicted haha!

enrgie said...

No pictures?

crazyrat said...

Nope, I was proxing with csm, black + grey csm. Skanwy sanguinary guard were amazing though.

I had killed Dante twice in 2 games. 1st was with dark lance, now with multi-melta.



Skanwy said...

LOLZ!crazyrat has collected 2 gold bars already :P I must save my gold manz! haha

enrgie said...

hahahahahaha! YC, you should take the sprue and cut a small slice, paint it gold and stick to your mini's base to represent a kill on Dante!

Or even better, create a crate, put these "bars" into the crate! LOL

JaeRoler said...

Jaeroler - Mephiston


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