Sunday, October 2, 2011

TK vs HE pictures

Pictures taken from a game with long time gaming buddy Enrgie over at a newly open LGS - Battle Bunker.
Had not played against Enrgie for quite awhile. Spent almost the whole day playing and talking/discussing about Warhammer fantasy, who can guess there are so much to talk about Warhammer Fantasy lol. 

Pictures are not in order due to uploading sequence. 

Mission: Pitched Battle (rolled)
HE went 1st

Casket left on HE turn 5...

White lions after finishing off the chariots and N.sphinx

TK chariot + N.sphinx combine charge! too bad 6D6 + lvl 4 = 26 boosted desiccation on white lions was dispelled by the HE with just 4D6 rolling IF dispel... 

Hungry white lions eyeing the TK chariots

Tomb guard getting flank by Swordmasters = very very bad

Bad move resulting Ushabti getting flanked...

Hungry white lions

Swordmasters > Necropolis knights
Bad play number 1* (3 necropolis knights != 3 death company spezze mehrines)

After Pansies turn 1

50 wet lions down to 42...

1st turn IF dwellers on BRAVE skeleton warriors! (37 died)

sexy arms?

Game start! (nice watch)

Pansies deployment

Crumbling lalala
Bad play number 3* (forgetting Tomb king has "My Will be Done")

Necro Knights down

BRAVE skeletons Anvil vs Wet lions Death Star
Bad play number 2* (notice the ushabtis and Tomb guard were moved too far up... resulting in the counter-charge units unable to flank the white lions)

Turn 3 or 4

Epic fluff by Tomb King... rolling 1,1,1,2,2 for to hit... missing all...

TK had 0 models left on turn 6.

Victory to the High Elves! (pansies)


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