Saturday, October 8, 2011

TK vs DE 2.5k batrep Battle for the Pass

Wooot! Another weekend another Fantasy game. Played 2 games in 1 day. Once against 8th edition OK another against DE. The OK battle report will come later as I don't have the OK player - Krom's OK list (cant create the units in battle chronicler).  

Using my TK against Jaeroler DE. He wrote a "Funky" list and wanted to test it. I'm using the same list in the previous game.  

Mission: Battle for the Pass (rolled)
TK magic: Nek and Light
DE magic: Shadow
TK went 1st (roll off)


TK camp in a corner with fast elements protecting the flanks. 
Shades scout bravely in front of chariots. 

The mysterious river is raging torrent - Dangerous terrain and +3 int for models moving over and inside it. 
Both mysterious forest turned out to be normal forest - in front of Necro knights and Repeater crossbow elves. 

TK turn 1

  • Necro Knights, chariots and ushabtis move forward. Ushabti suffer a wound from dangerous terrain.

  • Light of death went off killing 3 spears elves in SE1.

  • Chariots and archers all shot at shades, killing enough to panic them.
  • Screaming skull scatter off the Spear elves unit 2. 

DE turn 1

  • All DE units move forward.
  • Shades needing insane courage (below 25%) to rally, continue to flee.

  • DE sorcerer manage to cast boosted Miasma on skeleton warriors unit. 
  • DE sorcerer fail to cast Withering by 1. 
  • 5+ ward saves from cauldron given to SE1. 

  • DE Repeater bows kill 4 skeleton warriors and inflict a wound on chariot. 

TK turn 2

  • N.sphinx charge DE chariot 1.
  • Necro Knights move into the forest, suffering a wound from Dangerous terrain.

  • Boosted protection was scrolled.
  • Speed of light dispelled. 
  • Smiting successfully cast on archers.  

  • Archers shot at Cold one knights and kill 1.
  • Chariots shot at the fleeing shades, a single shade survive. 
  • SSC scatter off again. 

Close Combat
  • N.sphinx and Cold one chariot couldn't wound each other... Cold one chariot pass break test. 

DE turn 2

  • Spear elves 1 charge skeleton warriors unit, suffering 8 wounds from dangerous terrain (raging torrent).
  • Cold one knights charge skeleton warriors unit, suffering 2 wounds from dangerous terrain.
  • Hydra charge skeleton warriors unit, suffering 1 wound from dangerous terrrain. 
  • Spear Elves 2, Cauldron and RxB1*  move forward to the melee battle.  (*not shown in picture)
  • Shades continue fleeing. 

  • DE lvl 4 sorcerer IF miasma on 4D6 and rolled power drain for miscast. Losing 3 wizard levels and miasma, enfeebling and mindrazor and remaining power dice.
  • 5+ ward saves from cauldron given to CoK unit. 

  • Repeater crossbows dealt 1 wound to TK chariot. 
  • Cold one chariot 2 fluff shooting. 

Close Combat
  • N.Sphinx fluff 4 normal attacks but heroic killing blow the chariot, reforming to face the Cold one knights. 
  • The combine DE units kill 24 skeleton warriors, in return Skeletons and Tomb king kill 6 spears elves and wounded the hydra once. Losing combat by 17, 40 skeletons + Tomb king remain. 

TK turn 3

  • Ushabtis charge the flank of Cold one knights, rolling just high enough. Suffering 3 wounds from dangerous terrain. 
  • Tomb guards charge the front of cold one knights.
  • N.sphinx charge the rear of Cold one knights.

  • Rolling high for winds of magic and "TK's Banner of sorcery" getting max power dice.
  • Total magic domination as DE sorcerer was weaken to lvl 1 in previous turn miscast.
  • Boosted protection and smiting went off. Recoving 6 skeleton warriors,1 ushabti and 1 chariot wound. 

  • SSC was on target and panic off Spear elves unit 2. (poor LD rolling by Jaeroler, rolling 12 and 10 with inspiring presence and hold your ground) 
  • Chariots with smiting shot the repeater crossbows (RxB1) and panic them off as well. 

Close Combat
  • DE units kill a total of 8 skeleton warriors and 2 tomb guards. 
  • N.sphinx, ushabtis and tomb guards wiped the CoK unit including the general. 
  • Hydra took 2 wounds from skeleton warriors. 
  • 5-6 spear elves die to tomb king and skeletons. 
  • All 3 DE units needing insane courage to stay in combat broke and flee. 

DE turn 3

Jaeroler conceded the game at this point as the bulk of his army was dead.

Victory to Tomb Kings!

Click link below for end game conclusion.

Luck was definitely on my side in this game. All my magic phase I rolled high for winds of magic and "banner of sorcery", getting 9-12 PD all magic phase.
N.sphinx getting a heroic killing blow on the chariot in DE turn was unexpected, I just wanted to prevent the DE chariot from getting in close combat. Pulling off a HKB allowed the N.sphinx to rear charge the CoK, subsequently murdering all the heavy armour knights.
The SSC hitting Spear elves unit 2 and panic them off with -1 LD prevented the DE spears from "rescuing" the encircled 3 DE units.

My opponent was plagued with "epic" dice rolls in all crucial phases. Getting miscast on miasma and losing 3 wizard levels and 3 important spells were a big hit to the DE side. Reducing their effectiveness in close combat and allowing me to dominate the latter magic phases, buffing my troops wholesale.
The Spear elves unit 2 failing panic with BSB reroll and general LD was also crucial as that unit could help in the battle.

Knowing my opponent's army, I knew he needed to engage me in close combat. With that I deployed defensively just behind the river as by default rivers negate steadfast and rank bonus, giving me some advantage once his units are in close combat.
I also setup counter chargers (tomb guards & ushabtis) to help my anvil/chariots in close combat once melee starts.
Place my Hierophant and liche priest right in the centre back of my deployment zone, allowing their buffs to reach almost all units.
The warmachines were placed right behind my anvil as once my 80 skeleton warriors crumple all will be lost and there would be no use for the warmachines.

Though I win early in this game, learnt something important playing TK. Never scatter units too far away from the Hierophant and light liche priest.


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