Friday, October 7, 2011

TK vs HE 2.5k Batrep

Battle report done using Battle Chronicler available to download and use (free to use software) at this link

Using my TK against Enrgie HE. Acutal game pictures are available here:

Mission: Pitched Battle (rolled)
HE magic: life and high
TK magic: Nek and Light
HE went 1st


As shown above

 HE turn 1

  • Everything move forward.
  • HE archmage IF dwellers on Skeleton warriors, killing 37 of them. Rolling Dimensional cascade and suffering 1 wound but did not get suck into warp. :( 8 white lions killed by the magical explosion. 
 TK turn 1

  • Chariot charge eagle which flee.
  • Rest of the units move forward.
  • Light of death kill 2 spear elves in SE3.  
  • N.Sphinx buff with cursed blade. 
  • Archers fluff and SSC scatter. 

 HE turn 2

  • Swordmasters and eagle failed charged against Necro Knights rolling poorly.
  • Eagle rallied.

  • Ruby Ring burn some Tomb guards. 
  • Throne of vines was cast with IF and miscast ignore. 
  • Arch mage regrow some white lions. 
 TK turn 2

  • N.sphinx charge Spear elves.
  • Necro Knights charge Swordmasters.
  • Rest of units move forward.

  • Winds of magic was poor (4 PD...) only manage to cast pha protection N.sphinx. 

  • SSC was on target and kill 10 Spear elves in SE2. 

Close combat
  • SwordMaster dealt 8 wounds to Necro knights, Necro knights struck back and killed 2. Remaining Necro Knight crumple.
  • N.sphinx fluff and kill 2 spear elves, receiving a wound in return. Steadfast elves stay in combat. 

  HE turn 3

  • Eagle failed charge against casket.
  • White lions charge into skeleton warriors.
  • Eagle 2 move to redirect chariots.

  • Flesh to stone cast on White lions, TK rolled short of 1 to dispel... 
  • Flame of phoenix cast on Skeleton archers, killing 6 archers. 

Close combat
  • White lions slaughter tons of skeletons, arch mage declare challenge which was accepted by Tomb king. Arch mage with folariath's robe and Talisman of Saphery negate Tomb king attacks (close list).
  • 25 Skeleton warriors remained in combat after unstable.  
  • N.sphinx fluff again, combat draw.
TK turn 3

  • Chariots charge eagle 2.
  • Tomb guards charge Spear elves 3.

  • Liche priest failed to roll IF for Birona time warp, allowing the HE to dispel the augment. 

  • Archer wound 2 swordmasters but armour save them.  

Close combat
  • Chariot kill eagle and overran forward after failing restraint. 
  • N.sphinx broke the spear elves and reform to face the ushabti.
  • White lions kill 21 skeleton warriors, the rest of undead crumple to dust.

  HE turn 4

  • Swordmasters and spear elves unit 2 charge Tomb guard.
  • Eagle 1 fail charge against casket again.
  • White lions charge the flank of ushabtis.

  • Flame of Phoneix continued to burn 8 skeleton archers.
  • Arch mage regrow some white lions back and cast shield of saphery on spear elves unit 3. 

Close combat
  • Tomb guards was no match for the swordmasters and was wiped. 
  • White lions slaughter 4 ushabits, ushabits fluff rolls and kill 3 white lions. Ushabti crumple from CR.  

TK turn 4

  • Chariots and N.sphinx combine charge the white lions.
  • Archers move backwards.
  • Spear elves unit 2 overran forward. 

  • Hierophant rolled 26 for Big dessication on white lions unit, HE with 4 dispel dice manage to roll IF dispel... 

  • SSC misfire and took a wound , couldn't fire this or next turn. 

Close combat
  • Impact hits from chariot kill 5 white lions. 
  • ASF white lions kill all the chariots, N.sphinx fluff again and crumple from CR. 
  HE turn 5

  • Swordmasters charge Skeleton archers with Hierophant.
  • Eagle charge casket of souls.
  • He archmage fluff rolls and couldn't cast.
  • Flame of phoenix dispelled. 

Close combat
  • Eagle inflict a wound on casket and got kill by the remaining casket crews.
  • Swordmasters easily slaughter the archers and Hierophant die to unstable. 
  • SSC crumple from Hierophant death. 

TK turn 5

  • Light of death does nothing

Game end
Victory to the HE! (pansies

With only a casket left on turn 5, there is no way I could win this. Conceded the game on TK turn 5. Looking back I realized my battle lines were in a complete mess when I was doing the batrep, no wonder I got massacred badly. Forgetting my own rules and lousy dice rolls (0 IF!!!) don't help either. Units leaving/separating from the buff zone of hierophant, units doing their own solo charge or moving around aimlessly/wrongly out of charge arc of enemy.


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