Saturday, October 15, 2011

TK vs OK 2.5k Pitched Battle

Had my first second game against 8th edition Ogre Kingdoms during the weekend. Playing against Beardy Ones's "Ogres rush" Ogre kingdoms.
First game was against Krom's "Fatties" OK. Mission was blood and glory and TK lost on OK turn 4, when  TK fortitude reduced to 3.  No battle report as I can't remember much of the game...

Mission: Pitched Battle (rolled)
TK magic: Light and Nek
OK magic: Death and Maw
OK went first


*Note there is a sabretusk that I forgotten to create in Battle chronicler. Its deployed to the right the Iron Guts.

OK turn 1

  • Everything move foward except scrap launcher.

  • Soul blight cast on Skeleton warriors unit.
  • Caress of Laniph cast on liche priest and inflict 1 wound. 

  • Scrap Laucher was on target and kill 17 skeleton warriors.

 TK turn 1

  • Ushabtis, N.sphinx move to forest(normal). Chariot move forward on flank.

  • Burning gaze and light of death went off and kill 1 man eater and wounding another. Man eaters pass panic...

  • Archers fluff and SSC scatter 10" off Gnoblars. 

 OK turn 2

  • Mourn Fang charge chariots and suffer a dangerous terrain wound.
  • Maneaters charge SSC.
  • Sabretusk move in front of Ushabtis.
  • Everything move forward except scrap launcher.

  • Bjuna on Hierophant dispelled. 
  • Soul blight scrolled by dispel scroll. 

  • Scarp Launcher was on target again... killing 14 skeleton warriors. 

Close combat
  • Maneaters easily wiped the SSC and overran forward.
  • Mournfang rolled 12 impact hits on 4D3... inflicting 11 wounds on chariot. Chariot crumple. Mournfang reform to face N.sphinx.

 TK turn 2

  • Ushabtis charge sabretusk.
  • Skeleton warriors with Tomb king charge Ogres horde and fail charge on rolls of 1,1...
  • N.sphinx charge Ogres horde and fail charge on rolls of 1,1,3...
  • Tomb guards and Necro knights charge Gnoblars.
  • Archers swift reform to face Maneaters. 

  • Light of death fail to cast on rolls of 1,2...
  • Banishment dispelled. 
  • Burning Gaze kill 1 man eater, Man eaters pass panic.
  • Big smiting went off and buff ushabtis, archers, skeleton warriors. 

  • Archers kill 1 Man Eater. Man eaters pass panic...

Close combat
  • Ushabtis make short work of sabretusks and reform to face Iron guts.
  • Gnoblars manage to kill 2 tomb guards.
  • Necro knights and Tomb guards kill a total of 12 gnoblars. Steadfast gnoblars pass break test. 

 OK turn 3

  • Ogres horde charge skeleton warriors.
  • Mourn fang charge N.sphinx.
  • Iron guts charge ushabtis.
  • Man eaters charge casket of souls. 
  • Scrap launcher move forward.

  • +1 T cast on Iron guts.

  • Scrap Launcher kill 5-6 archers.

Close combat
  • Ushabtis inflict 7 wounds on Iron guts, Iron guts inflict 10 wounds. Ushabti crumple from CR. Iron guts reform to face the combat in centre.
  • 2 surviving Man eaters thrash the casket and was caught in the explosion. Explosion kill 1 Man eater and wound another. Man eater overran into archers.(*shown in last picture)
  • Ogre horde kill 30 skeleton warriors!!??! and bruiser wound Tomb king in challenge. TK side inflict 5 miserable unsaved wounds and lost combat by a whopping 28!!! All skeleton warriors crumple, leaving the Tomb king forever alone :( 
  • Necro knights and Tomb guards kill enough gnoblars (bully gnoblars!) to break stead fast and make the little creatures flee. Necro knights reform to face mourn fang and TG reform to face ogre horde. 
  • Mourn fang smash the N.sphinx before it could strike, overran forward towards archers.   

 TK turn 3

  • Necro knights charge rear of mourn fang.
  • TG charge flank of Ogre horde.

  • Desiccation cast on Mournfang.
  • Protection cast on archers. 

Close combat
  • Necro knights won combat by 3 but inspiring presence and hold your ground prevent mournfang from breaking...
  • Tomb guard and Tomb King won combat by 1 against Ogre horde, Ogre horde easily pass break test with general LD and BSB rerolls. Ogre horde combat reform to face Tomb guard. 
  • Solo Man eater kill the Hierophant, inflicting 4 wounds.(*shown below) 

 OK turn 4

  • Scrap launcher charge Necro knights. 
  • Gnoblars rally.
  • Iron guts move forward towards centre. 

  • Soul blight cast on Necro knights.

Close combat
  • Ogre horde easily wipe out the tomb guards and Tomb king.
  • Scrap launcher impact hits kill 2 Necro knights... Last Necro knight was easily destroyed. 

We decided to call it here as I only have a unit of archers left and Hierophant dead.

Victory to Ogres! 

I BLAME THE DICE!!! they shall BURN!!! failing charge on double ones and swift stride?!?! wtfbbq? Wind of magic averaging 5 per TK turn, "Banner of sorcery" 1-2 PD all turns except once creating 3 PD and channeling 0 PD through out the game... Fail to cast Light of death (bound lvl 5) on 2 dice?!?!

I think my strategy was good, tar-pitting the Ogre horde with skeleton warriors and N.sphinx to assassinate  mage/bsb/gen. The SW and N.sphinx will be supported by flanking ushabtis. Ushabtis will kill the dog and overran to fight another free CC round.
Tomb guards + necro knights will get stuck in combat for at least a round due to steadfast gnoblars but will likely win combat on OK turn, allowing them to reform and charge the ogre horde on my turn.
Epic fluff rolling lost me the game... mostly. I did made some bad mistakes by moving the chariots forward too much  and feeding them to mournfang and not deploying to counter the scout man eaters which wreck havoc in my back lines. Destroying all my support units.

Time to rewrite the list. Tomb guards, Ushabtis (too bad I love the models) are going out.


JaeRoler said...

Epic Phailz!

It was not the day for the South side of the board lol.

But your Necropolis Knights proved worthy again, helping to bully Gnoblars and then killing off the Mournfang Cavalry.

Drop TG and Ushabtis for more Necropolis Knights?

crazyrat said...

There is something wrong with the "feng sui" in the south side, happen during your game also... miscast power drain and losing 3 lvls and impt shadow spells. Consider a earthing rod for 25 pts arcane item?

I'm going for 7+1 chariots and 4 necro knights. The necro knights would have broke the mournfangs if not for the BSB reroll.

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