Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hobby purchases

Its that time again, not miniatures though... just hobby related stuffs. 

Trying out a flat black primer slightly more expensive than the "red fox" ones I always buy, and daler rowney budget brushes. Contain a 10/0 brush for edge highlights, not sure if they are the ones recommended by Skanwy over at Ward save.

Went to Daiso and bought some cheap terrain materials, 4 pieces of mdf for $2 and 28 pieces of round, 3 pieces of rectangle plastic grid for fences and flooring. Total = $6. Could not find the type of clay I saw at another Daiso...


Skanwy said...

Yup i bought the same Daler Rowney brush pack.

Cool manz! You found the good stuff from Daiso :) They are very useful and good price too.

crazyrat said...

So this is the elusive 10/0 brush that helps in highlighting fast?

With the brush in my possession, "I HAVE THE POWER" lololol...

ok enough of talking cock, guess I need lots of practice too.

Skanwy said...


The 5/0 one (smallest brush) also quite handy with eye lenses of marines and also tight areas that need highlighting :)

Krom said...

Okay I am so getting the brushes too.


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