Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jokaero Spam and Interior of Stormraven

Was reading a forum and someone wrote a list with 50 Jokaeros and Corteaz at 1850 pts lol... With each Jokaero RRP at £7.70, 50 will cost 7.7*50 = £385!!!! LOL 

Ok no more M$ paintbrush edits lol... onto the hobby front.

Some pictures of the stormraven interior that I painted just for fun... After closing and gluing the top hatch, most of the details not visible anymore...


Skanwy said...

Oooh! I like the interior, very nice! I was gonna try bleached bone interior as well like the GW one :) But am not too sure if its too bright for me Flesh Tearers lol!

50 Orangutans is a lot man! They must have also loaded the transports with bananas hehe! Would be a nice sight to see on the battlefield though :))

sp said...

Nice photoshop of Ah Meng. I assume you are Singaporean?

Skanwy said...

I miss Ah Meng, been a while since i went to the zoo. Lol! i just noticed the "Censored by Inquisition" part :))

enrgie said...

I can see a lot of work went into the interiors but quite a waste of time! LOL!

Skanwy said...

Haha! I'm also painting the interior. Alot of work, and not as easy as it seems ;) I may just paint my 2nd SR metals with wash.

crazyrat said...

Yes it was a waste of time hahaha, I painted it when watching a documentary (multi-tasking FTW!) If I get another SR, I will just spray the interior 1 single colour and close the hatch.

Speaking of Ah Meng, Cant wait to get my GKs. Jokaero blister got to wait... damage to wallet too intensive...

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