Sunday, May 22, 2011

GK vs BA 1750 normal batrep

Finally got to play against Krom after a few months I think. Krom was using his BA lamenters, I will be using GK.
List below

BA list
Librarian, Shield, sword of Sanguinius 
4 assault squad, all with melta gun and sgt combi melta, 4 razorback heavy flamer 
2 furioso librarian dreadnought, wings and shield, 2 drop pod
1 assault squad, melta gun sgt combi melta, drop pod
2 devastator squad, 4 missiles each

GK list
GK GM, orbital strike

10*Purifier, 4* psycannon, 6*halberd, Rhino
Vindicare assassin 

5*Terminators, 1*hammer, 4*halberd, master crafted
10*GKSS, rhino
8*GKSS, psycannon

dreadnought, 2*TL autocannon, psybolt 
Nemesis DK, Greatsword  
5*Interceptors, psycannon 

Mission: annihilation
Deployment: pitch battle
GK give scout to terminators and 8 men GKSS (should have gave them counter atk... lesson learnt)
No BA units thirsty.

GK Turn 1
-GM managed to wreck a razorback on opening salvo, pinning the assault marines that came out.
-Psyfle dread manage to kill 3 devastators and panic them off table.
-Purifiers move to centre table disembarked from rhino and fired at another razorback, exploding it.
-Terminators follow behind purifiers.
-vindicare assassin fired at 3rd razorback but shield of sang deflect the round.
-GKSS in rhino reposition, 8 men GKSS move forward in a line. Both cast warp quake.
-DK move forward...

BA Turn 1
-2 Furioso drop pods came down and furioso pop smoke. (both was 1"-2" away from GKSS warp quake range)
-Devastators shot at dreadknight, DK pass armour saves.
-2 heavy flamer razorbacks move forward to flame purifiers, flamers killed 2 purifiers (lol?).
-1 assault marines squads disembark and 1 assault marine squad without transport move forward and melta and combi melta terminators and purifiers, taking out 1 terminator.
-Mephiston flew forward, fleet and charge the 4 terminators, killing 2 terminators and took a wound in return. (should have activated force wep instead of casting hammerhand). 2 Terminators stay in combat :(

GK Turn 2
-GM orbital strike missed, interceptors psycannon manage to pent razorback but shield again deflect the shot.
-8 purifiers with 4 psycannon shot at 1 assault marines squad, killing 4, the lone marine panic and flee.
-psyfle dread move further back to shoot at 1 of the furioso side armour, exploding it.
-DK decided to smash a drop pod and blow it up, the explosion killed a terminator fighting with Mephiston...
-8 men GKSS move forward cast warp quake and got perils. Shot at devastators, killing 2. Devastators Panic passed.
-Vindicare shot at razorback and shield deflect the shot again.
-GKSS in rhino move forward to centre of table and cast warp quake.
-Mephiston make short work of the lone terminator and consol towards purifiers.

BA Turn 2
-Empty razorback & Razorback with librarian move towards 8 (7 now) men GKSS.
-Assualt marine drop pod came down and scatter into GKSS in rhino warp quake zone, the assault marines and drop pod suffered mishap and vanish into the warp.
-2 assault marines squad shot meltas at purifiers, killing 1.
-Mephiston plasma pistol killed another purifier.
-Devastators shot at pysfle dread, shaking it.
-Furioso cast wings and charge GM with interceptors, wounding GM once. GM with interceptor pass LD.
-Mephiston and 1 assault marine squad combine charge purifiers, Mephiston 1 man show wiping out the purifiers, consol towards DK.

GK Turn 3
-DK move towards furioso to save GM and interceptors but was still 10" away...
-Psyfle dread fortitude was psychic hooded... psyfle dread decided to charge drop pod to get easy KP but cant glance.
-GKSS disembarked from rhino and shot at 1 assault marines squad, wiping them out.
-2 GK rhinos killed the lone assault marine that panic off when shot by purifiers in turn 2.
-Vindicare shot at Mephiston, wounding the "lord of Cheese  death" (Mephiston down to 2 wounds).
- 7 men GKSS shot at devastators again, killing 1. The 2 devastators pass LD.
-Furioso fluff atks, dealing 0 wounds to GM and interceptors.

BA Turn 3
- 2 razorbacks flame the 7 men GKSS killing 1.
- Librarian with assault marines disembarked and shot at same GKSS, killing another 1. Lib and assault marine charge same GKSS and kill 2. GKSS fluff atks but pass LD.
- 2 devastators shot at vindicare wounding the assassin once and vindicare rolled 1 for cover save...
- 2 assault marine squad in centre move towards 10men GKSS and shot them, killing 1. Same assault marines combine charge GKSS, assault marines killed 6 GKSS in return 4 BA died. GKSS pass LD.
-Mephiston charge DK and wounded DK 3 times and activated force weapon killing it before DK can strike back. Mephiston consol towards pysfle dread.
-Furioso fluff atks again...

GK Turn 4
-psyfle dread shot at Mephiston, dealing 4 wounds but "lord of cheese death" save 3/4 (down to last wound).
-2 rhinos shot at devastators, devastators saved all wounds.
-GKSS combat with assault marines continue with both sides killing 2.
-3 GKSS aimed the librarian and killed him using nemesis force weapon. Simultaneous atks wiped the GKSS out.
-Furioso killed 2 interceptors. GM stay in combat.

BA Turn 4
-Mephiston charge psyfle dread, blowing it up easily.
-Furioso wound GM once. GM stay in combat.
-Assault marines finished off the lone GKSS in return 1 BA assault marine died.
-Furioso fluff atks yet again.
-2 Devastators shot GK rhino, stunning it.

GK Turn 5
-Rhino shot at the 2 devastators and couldnt kill them off.
-Furioso kill 1 interceptor.

BA Turn 5
-Mephiston flew in to help furioso, easily killing GM and 2 interceptors.
-Devastators fluff their shots.
-Suriving 3 assault marines in centre move nearer to rhino and manage to immob it with melta.

Game ended on turn 5, due to time constraint.

GK : BA - 9 : 9

End game thoughts
If we had carried on the game, I would have lost either by 1 KP or getting tabled as I only have 2 rhinos left while Krom have 2 devastators and a melta gunner near the 2 rhinos (1 immobilized).
I had used Mephiston in my earlier BA games and found him incredible, basically a 1 man army. Today is the 1st time I had played against him and Mephiston is really "lord of death". It is very fast and basically anything it hits dies. Truly scary and priority 1 to kill it.


Krom said...

Macheeston has joined my Lamenters, lamenting for the horrible state of the 41st century.

Feel his wrath and fury, my friend. Btw, I am gonna add one more Furioso Dread to my list after tweaking hee hee =)

crazyrat said...

I am considering bringing a storm raven with mindstrike missiles just for lord of cheeze! Perils time! Since I have 200 pts floating around in my list.

I hate armour 13...

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