Saturday, May 14, 2011


Another weekend another 40k session. Got to play against Beardy One BA again with my FINESSE! Dark Eldar lol. Beardy One was going to join a local tourney and needed to play-test his BA list, we decided to play a mission from the tournament.

Mission: Land Grab
Annihilation: The player with the most Kill Points as defined in
the Warhammer 40K rulebook (pg 91) at the end of the game
achieves this mission objective.

Battlefield Control: The player that controls the most table
quarters at the end of the game achieves this mission objective. 
To control a table quarter there must be a Scoring Unit in the
table quarter at the end of the game and the quarter must not
be contested. A table quarter is contested if there are enemy
units present (any unit, whether scoring or not). A unit may
only control or contest ONE table quarter at a time. If a unit is 
spread between multiple table quarters, the unit is considered
to control or contest the table quarter containing a MAJORITY
of that unit. If this is unclear, then randomly determine which
table quarter that unit is controlling or contesting.

Lead by Example: A player achieves this mission objective by
having a model from an HQ unit within 6” of the tactical marker
at the center of the table at the end of the game. Both players 
can achieve this mission objective.

Highlights of the game
-3 Beastmaster, 4 razorwing birds, 5 khymera and 5 wyches charge a 10men assault marine + a 10men tactical marine. Was not able to kill them off and a counter-charge by a DC squad with angry librarian + surviving mehreenzs manage to decimate beast squad and needing insane courage, beast squad + wyches promptly flee  real space (back to the webway)
-Haemonculus open(shot) dark gate at a BA rhino with assault marines and roll 1 for damage, the dark tentacles shaking the rhino, unable to drag it down into the darkness.
-Archon with 2 incubi charge a 5men terminator squad and lose combat by 1. Treacherous Archon survived the combat but decided to flee, was eventually blast apart by autocannon. 

I decided to call it on turn 5 as I only have 10 warriors left and have no chance of winning.

Annihilation - BA 14: DE 1
Battlefield Control - BA 3: DE 0
Lead by Example - BA 0: DE 0

BA win with 2 mission objectives!

Got to apologize to Krom that he came but did not play again due to time constraint. 

Credits and mission taken from here.

Got some Game Science dice from Grimcron over at
Used them for this game and quite impress by the results, even spread of results and I have never pass so many 4+ cover saves before. Reason why my big beast squad with wyches could not wiped out the 10+10 marines was I switch back to my "cursed" dice due to the massive amt of attacks. Dice blaming FTW!

Game Science Dice (1,2,3,3,4,4,4,5,6,6)


Skanwy said...

The dice look real cool man! I like the greens :)

DE really a finesse army. I think DE need to have slightly to above average dice rolls to pull off their moves (shooting/assault). Your legendary bad dice rolls also not helping lol!

crazyrat said...

Its easier to blame the dice haha!

Beardy One played well as he move his priest near (but not joining) the 10+10 mehreens before I charge in. The priest was sprinkling holy wa... blood around and refilling the mortally wounded mehreenz blood levels.

Counting the attacks of my charging beast squad and wyches I have:

20 str 4
27 str 3 (4 wound on 2+, rolling 6 for hydra gauntlets atks)
at I6
24 str 3 rending at I5

all striking before the I4 mehreenz.

I killed 8 marines before FNP kick in, I think FNP save 3 marines, total killed 5 LOL... while 3 wyches went down.

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