Monday, September 12, 2011

Batrep TK vs HE round two 2.5k

Grudge match time! Another game against Krom's High Elves. Both of us are using the same lists with slight change from the last time we met. He added more heroes in the Silver Helm unit and taking away the RBT. I'm added the SSC and entombed both Prince Crap Apophas and Necropolis Knights. 

Mission: Meeting Engagement
TK deploy 1st and went 1st.

TK magic: Nehekhara and Light
HE magic: Life and Beast 


*Note: There is a HE Eagle that I forgotten to add in the battle chronicler when making the battle report. Its deploy behind the forest in front of the silver helms.

  • Tomb king general and chariots reserve due to rolls.
  • Prince Apophas and necropolis knights entombed.

  • White lions reserve. 

TK Turn 1

  • Tomb king general join 50 skeleton warriors unit.
  • Necrosphinx and chariots move forward.

  • Light of death from casket dealt 0 wounds to silver helms.
  • Desert wind cast on chariot to make them move on par with Necrosphinx. 
  • Protection cast on Necrosphinx.

  • SSC misfire and suffer a wound and not able to fire for next turn. 

HE Turn 1

  • Everything move forward, eagle flew over the forest stopping in front of SW2.

  • Throne of vines was cast with IF and ignore miscast.
  • Sword Master buffed with flesh to stone.
  • Ruby ring dealt 7 wounds to ushabti. 

  • HE Archers dealt 1 wound to necrosphinx.

TK Turn 2

  • Necrosphinx and chariots declared charge on Silver helms which flee.
  • Skeleton warriors 1 and Ushabtis move back.

  • Liche priest cast and IF banishment on eagle and kill it. Liche priest miscast with calamitous detonation and suffer a wound and killing 4 skeleton warriors. 

  • No range for TK archers.

 HE Turn 2

  • Sword masters, White lions and HE archers unit 2 move forward.
  • Spear Elves with 2 wizards move forward to get in range of spells. 
  • Silver Helms with 3 heroes (general, bsb, hero) fail morale check on 10 and fled off table.

  • Archmage IF dwellers on TK archers with hierophant and killed 8 archers and hierophant.
  • SSC crumple on Hierophant death
  • Necrosphinx lost 3 wounds on Hierophant death.
  • Throne of vines dispelled at the end. 

  • HE archers shooting took 1 wound off Necrosphinx and kill 2 skeleton warriors in unit 1. 

TK Turn 3

  • Necrosphinx lost remaining 3 wounds to hierophant death effect... 
  • Necropolis knights & Apophas came in behind HE archers.
  • Chariots charge white lions.
  • Both skeleton warriors units move forward with Ushabtis. 

  • Liche priest cast banishment on sword master and IF again... miscast rolling dimensional cascade which kill 6 skeleton warriors but survived both strength 10 hit and warp.

  • TK Archers fluff.

Close Combat
  • Impact hits from chariots kill 3 white lions before dying to the white lions attacks.

HE Turn 3

  • Sword masters swift reform to face the Necropolis knights.
  • Lvl 4 archmage move to join swordmaster unit.
  • HE Archer unit 2 move forward.
  • White lions march forward full speed.
  • Spear Elves move backwards.

  • Ruby ring dealt 2 wounds to ushabtis.

  • HE archers fluff.

TK Turn 4

  • Prince Apophas charge archers unit 2, no stand & shoot due to rear.
  • Necropolis knight charge archers unit 1, no stand & shoot due to flank.
  • Skeleton warriors unit 1 and ushabtis move forward towards spear elves. 
  • Skeleton warriors unit 2 reform to face white lions.

  • TK liche priest cast banishment on white lions and kill 3.

  • TK archers fluff...

Close Combat
  • Prince Apophas suffer 2 wounds from archers and dealt 3 wounds back with breath and normal attacks, winning combat and chasing them down.  
  • Necropolis Knights easily won combat with the archers and chase them down.

HE Turn 4

  • Sword Master charge the rear of Necropolis Knights.
  • Lvl 2 mage move to join white lion unit.
  • White lions move forward towards skeleton warriors unit 2. 

  • Ruby ring burn Prince crap Apophas to death. 

Close Combat
  • Sword master and Necropolis knights dealt 5 wounds to each other. Losing combat by 4, NK lost 3 more wounds due to unstable and animated construct. 1 wound NK remain in combat. 

TK Turn 5

  • Skeleton warriors unit 1 with Tomb king and Ushabtis charge Spear elves.
  • TK archers lost 5 wounds to hierophant death effect.
  • Skeleton warriors unit 2 lost 6 wounds to hierophant death effect.
  • Skeleton warriors unit 2 move backwards.

  • Liche priest IF big birona time warp, buffing ushabti and Skeleton warriors 1 with Tomb king. Detonation was rolled for miscast killing 3 skeleton warriors, Liche Priest again survived the miscast!  
  • Light of death was scrolled by HE dispel scroll. 

  • TK archers fluff yet again!

Close Combat
  • Sword Masters kill off the solo NK.
  • Spear Elves dealt 1 wound to skeleton warriors and 2 to ushabti. 
  • Tomb King overkill Spear elf champion by 2. Ushabtis dealt tons of wounds to spears elves. Needing insane courage... (lesser ranks than Skeleton warriors) Spear elves broke and was caught by both TK unit, which overran into the Sword master unit.
HE Turn 5

  • TK skeleton unit and ushabtis pursue into the Sword Masters.
  • White lions charge skeleton warriors unit 2.

  • Throne of Vines dispelled.
  • HE fluff casting rolls and could not cast more spells this turn.

Close Combat
  • Sword Master dealt 1 wound to skeleton warriors and 4 wounds to ushabtis reducing them to 1 base. Sword master champion challenge was accepted by Tomb king. Tomb king took a wound from the champion but overkill the champion by 1. Losing combat by 4, Sword Masters rolled 7 and broke. Both TK units caught them on pursue. 
  • White lions make short work of the skeleton warriors and overran into the TK archers. 

TK Turn 6

  • Last Ushabti lost remaining 2 wounds to hierophant death effect.
  • No point moving Skeleton warrior unit with Tomb King as they cant do anything to affect the game now.

  • Light of death dispelled.

Close Combat
  • White lions easily wiped TK archers and reform to face the Casket of Souls. 

HE Turn 6

  • White lions charged Casket of souls.

Close Combat
  • White lions easily smash the casket of souls. 

Game end.

TK: 1920 pts
HE: 2005 pts

TK gain 4 banners = 4*25 + 100 (HE general killed/fled) = 200 pts
HE gain 2 banners = 2*25 = 50 pts

Total VP
TK: 2120 pts
HE: 2055 pts

VP difference: 65 pts

Result: DRAW!

End game thoughts
Damn it was so close!!! I would have won if my Ushabti did not crumple in the last turn by rolling double sixes... Krom was unlucky when his fleeing Silver Helm failed to rally on turn 2 and fled off table. Maybe he was worried of my "half painted" Necrosphinx, which looks pretty intimidating on the table top hehehe.  

Prince Apophas is utter crap. Its just too expensive for what it can do, low toughness and Initiative 1 just dont cut it for a character assassin or (dwarf) warmachine hunter. If I did not use Apophas breath weapon in the attack against the archers he would have lost combat and crumple. Maybe he should be cheaper or have an additional rule where his selected "prey" (from soul reaper) cannot refuse challenge issue by him. For now he is just a waste of points though the miniature is nice. 

I'm surprise that Necropolis knights performed quite well even against Sword Masters. Considering running 4 in a unit, but the $$$ cost of the models very expensive... maybe in the future I will get them. Now I will just proxy :)    

Considering running a unit of 25-30 tomb guards in future game to see how they performed. 

Next battle report against dwarfs 2.5k will be posted tomorrow. 


Krom said...

Thanks for the battle report. Will reread it many times to revise my list and strategies =)

I think my calvary has finally fled back to Ulthuan, leading to a list revision.

crazyrat said...

PANSY!!! I will have my revenge!!! lol

Krom said...

No more fleeing. The pansies will fight to the death =)

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