Monday, September 19, 2011

TK vs DE 2.5k Batrep round 3

Fantasy game again! This time is against Jaeroler Dark Elves. I'm using the same lists as past games except taking out Prince Apophas and replacing him with 1 Scorpion and adding an Ushabti (previous list was 2494). Jaeroler had created another new Dark Elves list after losing badly against Dwarfs and High Elves. No exact list posted (lazy to type lol...) but the deployment picture will give you a rough idea of the units/list.

Mission: Pitched Battle (rolled)
TK go 1st.
TK magic: Light and Nek
DE magic: Shadow


  • Necropolis Knights and Scorpion entombed. 

TK turn 1

  • Necrosphinx and chariot charge shades.
  • Shades flee but was caught by necrosphinx. Chariot fail charge.

  • Cursed blade cast on Necrosphinx boosting the killing blow to 5s.

  • SSC scatter off hydra and fail to wound.

DE turn 1

  • Everything move forward.
  • DE chariot 2 fail stupid test and cant charge necrosphinx.
  • Corsair charge Necrosphinx.

  • Mindrazor scrolled with dispel scroll. 
  • Cauldron gave 5+ ward to Corsairs. 

Close combat
  • Corsair managed to wound Necrosphinx once, sphinx dealt 3 wounds back. Corsair win by 1, animated construct no wounds taken by sphinx. 

TK turn 2
  • TK chariots charge hydra 2.
  • All unit that can move, move forward.
  • Necropolis knights appear behind Spear elves unit 2 with lvl 4 sorcerer. 
  • Scorpion scatter in front of 2 DE chariots...

  • Light of death went off but no wounds caused with good rolls from DE.

  • SSC was on target and took 3 wounds off hydra 1.
  • Shooting from archers took 4th wound from same hydra.

Close combat
  • Necrosphinx kill 2 corsairs and combat draw. 
  • TK chariots impact hits dealt 3 wounds but was wiped by hydra numerous attacks. 

DE turn 2
  • 2 DE chariots charge the tomb scorpion that scatter in front of them.
  • Chariot 2 charge into the necrosphinx / corsair combat.
  • Everything move forward.
  • Spear elves unit 2 reform to face the Necro knights. 

  • Pit of shades went off and kill 1 necro knight. 
  • Cauldron give 5+ ward to corsairs.

  • 1 wound hydra (H1) flame the archers and kill 4 archers. 

Close combat
  • Necrosphinx kill 3 corsairs, DE chariot 2 fluff. Corsairs pass break test. 
  • Tomb scorpion finished off by impact hits from 2 DE chariots. Chariots 3,4 overran forward. 

TK turn 3

  • Necro knights charge spear elves unit 2.
  • Skeleton warriors unit 1 charge Spear elves unit 1. 
  • Skeleton warriors unit 2 charge DE chariot 3 but DE elect to flee, redirect fail.
  • Ushabti charge DE chariot 4 but DE elect to flee, redirect fail. 

  • Birona time warp dispelled with IF dispel.
  • Light of death went off but couldn't finished off the 2 wounds hydra (H2). 

  • Archers took last wound off hydra 1. 
  • SSC scatter off hydra 2. 

Close combat
  • Corsair and chariot 2 broke from combat with N.sphinx and sphinx caught chariot 2. 
  • Necro knights kill 5 spear elves, spear elves pass break test.
  • Spear elves unit 1 won combat by 1 but spear champion died in challenge with tomb king. 

  DE turn 3
  • DE chariots 3,4 rally. 
  • Hydra 2 charge TK archers, stand and shoot fluff. 
  • Cauldron move nearer to combat in centre. 
  • Fleeing corsair flee 3", still in game. 

  • Mindrazor dispelled with a roll of 27, just beating it. 
  • +1 atk given to spear elves unit 1. 

Close combat
  • Spear elves unit 2 broke from combat with necropolis knights and was chased down.
  • Hydra 2 easily wipe the archers off, Hierophant took 2 wound and Liche priest took 1 from unstable. 
  • Spear elves unit 1 won combat by 4. Tomb king took 2 wounds from challenge with dread lord. 

TK turn 4
  • Ushabtis and Skeleton warriors 2 charge spear elves unit 1.
  • N.Sphinx reform to face centre combat. 
  • Necro knights reform to face centre combat. 
  • Hierophant drunk healing pot to regain the lost wounds. 

  • Birona time warp dispelled with IF dispel again!

  • SSC misfire and couldn't fire next turn.

Close combat
  • Hierophant and liche priest smash by hydra (H2), SSC die to the Hierophant death effect.
  • Tomb king kill by DE dreadlord  in challenge. Steadfast Spear elves unit 1 pass break test. 

  DE turn 4
  • Both DE chariots charge skeleton warriors unit 2.
  • Hydra 2 (H2) move towards casket of souls.

  • 5+ ward given to spear elves unit 1. 

Close combat
  • Without TK WS, skeleton warriors 1 suffer horrendous casualties. 
  • Impact hits and chariots kill quite a number of skeleton warriors in unit 2.
  • Ushabtis continued to fluff to hit. 
  • TK lost combat and more undead crumble. 

TK turn 5
  • N.Sphinx charge rear of spear elves unit 1.
  • Necro knights move towards centre.

  • Light of death finally kill off hydra... (dealing 6 wounds after regen saves wtf...)

Close combat
  • Stead fast spear elves unit 1 pass break test.
  • Both DE chariot 3,4 also pass break test with general LD and BSB rerolls.

  DE turn 5
  • DE chariot 3 out of combat with skeletons and charge the ushabtis.

  • 5+ ward given to spear elves.

Close combat
  • N.sphinx and ushabti epic fluff, dealing 3 wounds total. 
  • Spear elves went nuts and with impact hit from DE chariot 3 and *Dread lord hitting ushabtis. TK lost combat by 9 and all crumble. 

*Note: Dread lord/characters could only use "make way" during start of combat. A mistake was made by Jaeroler as he used "make way" to move his Dread lord to engage the ushabtis after the spear elves kill off the skeleton warriors unit 1. 

TK turn 6

  • Necropolis Knights fail charge... rolling 5,1,1...

  • Light of death went off but the superior DE LD with BSB and general prevent any wounds.

  DE turn 6

  • DE chariot 4 and Spear elves unit with BSB and Dreadlord charged the Necropolis knight.

Close combat
  • The 2 units easily wiped the Necropolis knights.

Game End.

VP difference: 1106
Victory to Dark Elves! 

My strategy was sound, using the skeleton warriors as "anvil" and Ushabtis as the "hammer". The Necrosphinx and chariots will spearhead the assault hopefully creating confusion in enemy lines and later swing back to act as "hammer". The entombed units will either go mage hunting/disrupt enemy lines or come from the rear to support the "anvil". 

The game was going my way up till turn 3. The game start to go downhill for me when I couldn't finished off the 2 wound hydra (H2) with light of death (hydra rolled 7 on 3D6) which subsequently charged into my Hierophant bunker and kill off my priests. Without the magic support buffs from my priests,  the TK units are pretty weak and couldn't recover lost wounds. 

Mistakes I noticed I made during the game was I was too hasty to charge the chariots into the hydras. Should have pull back the chariots nearer to the liche priest to get in range for magic buffs and charge the hydra after it move nearer. 

Somethings I couldn't control were my Necrosphinx getting stuck in combat with the Corsairs for 5 game turns... couldn't roll 4s for to hit... and my scorpion scattering in front of the DE chariots lol... allowing the chariots to flank my skeleton warriors later and swinging the combat in DE favour. 

Amazingly Necropolis knights (spezze mehreen 3+ armour sv!!!) perform quite well in this game. I'm thinking of replacing Ushabtis with Necro knights for the "hammer" role, but freaking NK miniatures are the most expensive $$$ in the TK range... embargo don't help either. Would have get them immediately from Maelstrom if not for the embargo...


JaeRoler said...

Actually i wasn't using makeway but combat reform.

Rolled 8 on LD 10.

Necropolis Knights quite good I think, even in a frontal charge against unsupported spearelves. I thought I could crumble you but couldn't get through your armour.

Krom said...

I think it is a good idea to change the Ushabtis to NEcropolis Knights since the latter has been doing so well for you every game, compounded by the fact that the former has been doing nothing. They are just too slow and expensive.

Proxy first?

Feeling sad for the scorpion too =(

crazyrat said...

oh I forgotten the sequence lol.

I'm thinking of using Ushabti as bunker for my Hierophant lol! 3 should be enough. Then with 150 pts free I can add 1 mode Necro knights with FC and some other stuffs.

spezze mehreen!!!

crazyrat said...

Anyway I just checked, you still cannot combat reform your spear elves to move the lord to hit the ushabtis. As I still have 3 skeleton warriors engage in the spear elves flank, N.sphinx in the rear, while the Ushabtis and 6 skeletons warriors are engage in the front.

Pg 55 rule book says that "if a unit is engage in more than 1 facing (eg: front & side) it cannot combat reform".

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