Sunday, May 3, 2009

2nd battle for my VC vs Chaos mortals 1k

Preparing the table.

VC list

Vampire (raise dead and invocation)
master of black arts
wristband of black gold
Heavy ar that immune KB

Necromancer (invocation)
mount on corpse cart with unholy lobestone

Zombies x 22

skeletons x20

Graveguard x 15

Carin wraith x3

Chaos list (something like this, dont have the exact list)

Tzentzth sorcerer lvl 2

chaos sorcerer (fire magic) lvl 2

Troll king x1

Trolls x 3

chaos knight x 5

maruader horseman x5

chaos hounds x5

VC got 1st turn and the table after VC movment phase.

The VC is WYSIWYG except for skeletons, their amt which are represent by dice.
carin wraiths hiding in forest during turn 1, graveguard move up with vampire hiding behind and a corpse cart close by to support. The rest just stand around waiting for invocation.

The Chaos white bases are the 3 x trolls and a troll king unit.
The grey movment tray are chaos hounds.
The black bases on the far right are maruader horseman.
The black bases with a maurader on it are chaos knights.

Zombie unit after 2 successful invocation. After this pic was taken the camera ran out of battery.

The battle ended with my VC getting massacred.


VC: 0
chaos mortals: 1.2k + lol....

The only hardhitting units I have in this list was the carin wraiths. I made a mistake on turn 2 when i misread their movement for 8 and move 16 out from the forest, my opponent pointed out my mistake (move back 4" & was short for my scream atk) and my carin wratih unit was subsequently magic to death on the chaos turn 2.

The graveguard charge the trolls but with hand weapon was unable to kill them off, only inflicting 2 wounds from turn 3 close combat to turn 6 which they were wiped out by trolls normal atk and the D6 no ar save vomit from the troll king. A raise dead unit of zombies also inflict 2 wounds on the trolls but only manage to bring down 1 and only 33% casuality (no vp).

The chaos knights demolish 30+ zombies in 2 close comabt turns and killing the skeleton units in 1 turn. (chaos knights madness!!)

The corpse cart manage to kill off a single maruader horseman with the help of a raise dead unit of zombies but was unable to cut them down.

Anyway at the end, only my vampire and corpse cart+necro with half wounds was left, the others was all wiped out, counting table quarters and banners and units , Chaos got 1.2k and VC 0 lol.

Only highlight for VC was the vampire save 10+ fireball/fireblast/bolt of change spells lol. WRISTBAND OF BLACK GOLD !!!

My worst defeat in WH fantasy after playing for many years. Killed a grand total of 1 troll & 1 maruader horseman LOL.


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