Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WH fantasy WE vs DE 2250

Just had a game with g1 tournament DE list. No pictures was taken, too busy with the game.

Solid victory to DE.
DE lost 1140+
WE lost 1945
DE 2 table quarters + 1 banner = 300
1945+300-1140+ = 1105+
VP difference was 1.1k counting everything.

Highlights of DE:
Turn 2 "old hydra" combine charge with 6x1 darkriders with hero, wiped out a 5x1 wild riders unit (WE failed all 5+ ward save) and 3x1 treekin got 4 wounds and lost combat and was caught by hydra.

"old hydra" continue its rampage and plow through 10x1 glade guard, with 3x1 warhawk riders and 9 dryads to its flank and 4x1 glade riders to it rear. "old Hydra" won combat and 2x1 cold-ones (after getting shot by waywatchers, was 5x1) came to help to break the dead lock.

"old hydra" continue its lucky streak , survive a deepwood sphere str 5 hit and 3 str 5 treesinging hits. Saving all hits.

"new hydra" won combat against 4+ ward save wardancers and caught them, also winning against 8 dryads that flank charge it. It Survived hail of doom arrow (6 shots) and 2 round of 10 elves (str 3 and str 4) and 1 rnd of 6 elves (str 4) arrows. Was left with 1 wound after all that punishment and claim a quarter in the end. (lucky beast)

4 harpies rolling insane courage in close combat with the treeman ancient, holding him in place for 1 turn.

DE lord shot treeman ancient with a str 3 Rxb and inflict 1 wound, reducing treeman ancient to just half wounds.

Highlights of WE:
6x1 waywatchers panic off a 6x1 with hero dark riders units, scoring 2kb and 1 wound and subsequently dark riders unit with hero ran off board. Reducing 5x1 cold-ones and 2nd unit of shades with assassin to half strength.

Treeman ancient rolling 10 and later 6 strangleroot hits , wiping out the shades unit and panic off a Rxb unit with lvl 1 wiz, assassin respectively. Also terror off the same Rxb unit with assassin and lvl 1 wiz and catching them in a charge on the last turn.

Alter noble failing a crucial terror check when declaring a charge on "new hydra" rear and fled from the "new hydra", Alter noble failed subsequent rally check and ran off board.

wardancer units failed 7/10 4+ ward saves and was cut down by "new hydra".

spellsinger miscast once, but was not wounded by str 4 miscast.

Thats all I can remember.

End game thoughts:
If my wardancers in close combat with the "new hydra" had hold, the outcome of the battle would be very different as my dryads and alter noble was at the "new hydra" flank and rear respectively. Positioned to support the wardancers in the following turn, but once again the dice gods had forsaken me and , i failed 70% of 4+ ward save and, alter noble failed his terror check on a 10... (LD 9). Dryads had to charge alone and was cut down. If the "new hydra" was killed off, I could have more rounds of shooting with my 5x2 glade guard, also free-ing up wardancers + dryads + alter noble to support the right flank which was been rampage by the "old hydra" and 5x1 cold-ones.

g1 DE list was very refine, giving little VP even when units was below half strength.

WE list (exact)

Treeman ancient (gen)
cluster of radiants

noble (bsb)
light ar
banner of zenith

light ar, shield, great wep
hail of doom arrow
helm of hunt

spellsinger (lvl 2)
dispel x 1
deepwood sphere

glade guard x 10
glade guard x 10
glade riders x 5
dryads x 9
dryads x 9

wardancer x 8

warhawk riders x 3

wildriders x 5
banner of dwindling

Treekin x 3

waywatcher x 6

DE list (not exact)

Lord on dark steed
pendant of cheap ward save
1+ ar save
swd of might

hero on dark steed (not sure wat equipment)

lvl 1 wiz (not sure wat equipment)
dispel scroll x 1

hero on cold-one?
heavy ar , shield

dark riders x 6 or 7?
rxb,light ar, shield

dark riders x 6 or 7?
rxb,light ar, shield

rxb elves x 10?
light ar, shield

cold-ones x 4
heavy ar, shield, lance

shades x 6 or 7?
Great wep?
shades x 6 or 7?
Great wep?

assassin x 1
3 shots str 7 range weapon

assassin x 1 (not sure wat equipment)
3 shots str 7 range weapon?

"old hydra model" x 1

"new hydra model" x 1

cauldron of blood x 1


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