Sunday, May 17, 2009

WH 40k SM vs CSM 1.2k

Played my 2nd 5th ed 40k game yesterday after an absent of 5yrs+ since 3rd ed 40k. Was still confuse with some rules (did not finish reading the rule book). Anyway we rolled seize ground and pitch battle for our game and rolling 3 objectives. Sam the SM player won the roll and place 2 objectives near his deployment zone, and me place 1 near mine.

Some pics from the game.

Turn 1 for SM. The grey power station thingy and the fallen chimney beside it are the 2 objectives in SM zone, while the rock-like Monument is the 3rd objective, in CSM zone.

Turn 2 CSM termis deep-strike into SM zone to do some dmg to the rhino, instead shaken and immobilise the rhino even with 5 melta shots from their combi-wep.

SM turtle near their objectives.

CSM also turtle near their objective.

SM run back to hide inside the power station objective after getting lash by daemon prince.

Last pic of the game, SM HQ in rhino zoom into CSM deployment zone and began their carnage. Banishing a daemon prince back to the warp, killing 15+ traitor marines and disabling a chaos predator. With support fire from devastators disabled a chaos vindicator also.

SM: 1 objective (power station)
CSM: 0 objective

Victory for SM. Emperor BE PRAISE!!!


Random Thoughts said...

Why the board has two colours?!?

crazyrat said...

Test paint lol

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