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WH fantasy WE vs DE 2250 (2nd game)

2nd game against DE 2250 in 3 days. This DE list played by DF, our dedicated resident DE player. I will be using the same list I played again G1 2 days ago. My biggest headache are the double hydras. With only the treeman ancient the only strong contenter against them, I need some lucky dice rolls to kill them off early before they wreck havoc on my T3 elves or flammable treekin.

WE list (exact)

Treeman ancient (gen)
cluster of radiants

noble (bsb)
light ar
banner of zenith

light ar, shield, great wep
hail of doom arrow
helm of hunt

spellsinger (lvl 2)
dispel x 1
deepwood sphere

glade guard x 10
glade guard x 10
glade riders x 5
dryads x 9
dryads x 9

wardancer x 8

warhawk riders x 3

wildriders x 5
banner of dwindling

Treekin x 3

waywatcher x 6
DE list

Lord on cold-one (gen)
pendant of cheap ward sv
crimson death
regen ar

Hero (bsb)
hydra banner
cold-one mount

null tailsman x3
cold-one mount

Rxb x 10

dark riders x 5
FC, Rxb

dark riders x 5
FC, Rxb

COK x 12
FC, ASF banner, Ring of miscast

COK x 5

cauldron of blood x 1
death hag

harpies x 5

Hydra (zebra proxy)
Hydra (dog proxy)


Deployment for both sides, DE choose to go 1st. scatter 2D6 + 12, 2 forest from the centre to WE deployment zone and an impasseble to the left flank centre.

DE turn 1 (victory sign by DF)
Everything of the DE move forward, the death star flank by 2 hydras, a 5x1 cold-ones and two 5x1 dark riders on the extreme flanks. The Rxb on hill and the 5x1 dark riders on right flank fire their missile but all miss. The dark riders on the left flank hit and wound a wardancer killing it.

WE turn 1.
9x1 dryads and 3x1 treekin unit move infront to face the DE deathstar, 6x1 waywatchers move outside the forest to get some short range KB shots. Treeman ancient and 5x1 wild-riders move to prepare for next turn overrun by the DE deathstar. 3x1 warhawk riders fly to the right flank hill to get some shots in. 5x1 glade riders move to the right flank to prepare for some flank charge. (The bsb and spellsinger are too heavy to stand on the hill so they are place down.)

WE magic phase. lvl 2 spellsinger casting Ariel blessing on treekin unit but the sly DE had ring of hotek in the deathstar, rolling double 2s and 1 the spell miscast... rolling 10 on miscast table, wounded by the str 8 hit and dropping to lvl 1 and losing Ariel blessing... bad start for WE.

10 glade guards together with alter noble hail of doom arrow (8 shots) at "zebra" hydra and inflict a miserable 2 wounds. 5 glade riders, 3 warhawk rider, 6 waywatchers open up and 4 dark riders died, passing their panic. Another 10 glade guards on the left flank fired on the dark riders on the left flank and killing 2, also passing their panic.

DE turn 2.
Deathstar unit charged the treekin and catching the dryads as well, bringing all into close combat. "zebra" Hydra move closing to WE lines to spam some terror bombs.

Feeling brave the harpies charged the warhawk riders for some air-air dogfight. Harpies lost combat and was run down. The lone dark rider move forward to go mage hunting.

The "dog" hydra move closing hoping to catch some wildriders with his breath. 5x1 cold-ones move in closing. 3x1 dark riders staying back to get another round of shooting and maybe get some flank charge.

Hydra breath caught 1 wildrider but wildrider rolling 6 for their ward save.

Darkriders multi shot killed a single glade guard.

Deathstar massive amt of firepower killed 6 dryads and 2 treekin and the champion treekin left a wound. Treeking champion allocate atk against cold-one champion and managed to kill off the deathstar unit champion. Only insane courage can save them.

With BSB nearby, the treekin rolled double 6 on their reroll breaktest and the dryads amazingly rolled insane courage for their reroll breaktest. LOL The treekin champion flee an "impressive" 4 inch... blocking my glade guard LOS next turn...

WE turn 2.
Alter noble front charged the "zebra" hydra passing his terror check this time on a 8, together with the glade riders on the flank. The waywatchers failing their terror check rolling 9... on LD 8 and flee from the scary "zebra" hydra...(the waywatchers are also laying down: lazy putting them upright).

On the left flank, The 5x1 wildriders and 9x1 dryads charged the "dog" hydra togther. The 7x1 wardancers go for the cold-ones.

The warhawk riders fly behind the Rxb to threaten them. A warhawk rider taking a wound from multi shot Rxb during DE turn 2.

The wardancers killed 2 cold-ones and losing 2 of their own, losing combat by 2 but pass their break test. The miserable wildriders fluff their rolls and together with the dryads only manage to inflict 1 wound and kill 1 handler. Glade guards shooting killed a single darkrider... (9 shots wtf? 1 wound)

Hydra rolls strike back at the wildriders inflicting 6 wounds, which the wildriders failed all their ward save.

Dryads also pass their break test and continue fighting.

Alter noble inflict 3 wounds which was easily saved by hydra regen and the glade rider fluff all their rolls but the saving grace came from the horses who inflict 1 wound on the "zebra" hydra. Left with 2 wound, the hydra bite the alter noble to death and the handlers make short work of the naked glade riders.

DE deathstar crush the remaining 3 dryads in the centre, the "zebra" hydra pursue the fleeing glade riders. Spellsinger treesing the forest nearer to the centre (A mistake which I overlook...)

DE turn 3.
DE deathstar failed their stupid test on 12!!! LOL. The dice gods are on my side.

Treesinging the forest, left a gap which expose the fleeing waywatchers to the lone darkrider and it declared a charge on them which cause them to flee off table... 144pts down the drain on a simple mistake... damn!

Darkriders move behind the glade guards to prepare for some rear charge.

"Zebra" hydra move in to main battle line to get some of the action.

Taking 2 wounds from the dryads, "Dog" hydra make short work of the dryads and caught them. With the 4+ ward save dance, the cold-ones could not kill any wardancer and vice versa.

WE turn 3.
Treeman ancient moved up to face the DE deathstar. Using strangleroot on deathstar unit rolling 4 hits and 3 wounds but 0 died. Treekin champion could not march so it move back 2.5 inch. Glade guard reform to get better LOS at "zebra" hydra. The warhawk riders charge the Rxb unit.

The 10 glade guard in the center reform to shoot at the "zebra" hydra dealing 1 wound with only 6 that had LOS. "zebra" hydra down to last wound.

Warhawk riders charged the Rxb unit on the right flank hill and manage to break them but could not catch them rolling 8 on 3D6 while the Rxb ran 10. (mistake here, fliers pursue 20" and should have caught the fleeing Rxb unit)

Glade guard decide to shoot at the 2 wounds "dog" hydra but only managed to inflict a single wound.
wardancers choosing KB dance and killed 2 cold-one losing 1 in return. Cold-one pass break test.

DE turn 4.
DE deathstar charge the treeman ancient, "zebra" hydra charge the treekin champion. Dark riders rear charge the glade guards on the left flank and the lone dark rider move into forest to kill off the spellsinger. The RxB unit behind rally and reform to face the warhawk riders. "dog" hydra turn to face the wardancers combat.

Lone darkrider failed to wound the spellsinger with his crossbow.

The darkriders easily broke the glade guard unit and run them down, overrunning into the unresolved wardancer vs cold-one combat. Getting another free combat round. Solo cold-one killed one 4+ ward save dancer. Dancers killed 2 darkriders in return. cold-one pass their break test again...

Treekin champion bitten to death by hydra and hydra overrun into treeman ancient.
Ancient vs Deathstar (round 1 CC)
Treeman ancient issue challenge which was accepted by a DE hero. DE hero dealt 0 wound to treeman ancient and receieved a single wound in return. Ancient passing his LD 9 stubborn easily. Combat continues next turn.

WE turn 4.
10 glade guards on the hill reform to face the 1 wound "dog" hydra hoping to kill it before it can rear charged the wardancers. BSB fail terror and flee from "zebra" hydra...
warhawk riders charged the RxB unit again.

Magic phase. Lone darkrider took str 5 hit and die from deepwood sphere.
Ineffective glade guard shooting, "dog" hydra survived... (1 wound left). My wardancers are going to be smash next turn...

Ancient vs Deathstar (round 2 CC)
Treeman ancient continues the challenge killing the DE hero, and still passing his LD 9 stubborn much to the frustration of DE.

Warhawk riders front charged the Rxb (DF lazy to turn his Rxb). Warhawk riders fluff their atks and dealt 0 wounds, Rxb on steriods went berserk and killed a single warhawk rider... warhawk lost combat but use their hit and run to rally at the end.

Wardancers with their KB dance failed to get any KB. Cold-one killed a dancer. Combat draw.

DE turn 5.
"dog" hydra rear charged the dancers.
Rxb shot the single warhawk rider and failed to killed it.

4+ ward save could not save the dancers from the "dog" hydra.

Ancient vs Deathstar (round 3 CC)
Ancient issue challenge which was refuse and the DE general was selected to retreat behind. The hydra/handler/bsb on cold-one and 3 normal cold-ones failed to wound the ancient, saving all wounds with his armour and ward. Ancient striked back with
3 atks to the 1 wound "zebra" hydra killed it and 2 atks to the cold-ones dealt 0 wounds. Cauldron of blood 5+ ward save save them again. Ancient pass his LD 9 stubborn again LOL.

WE turn 5.
Solo warhawk rider charge the Rxb unit again... BSB pass his rally.

10 Glade guard shot at the "dog" hydra (1 wound left) again and failed to kill it off... for the 2nd time..

Ancient vs Deathstar (round 4 CC)
Ancient issue challenge again and was refuse, general was ask to go behind. 2 handlers/bsb/3 cold-ones could not pen the ancient high T and impressive armour/ward. 3 atks to the handlers killed them off and 2 atks to the front was saved by the cold-one thick armour. LD 9 stubborn pass again LOL.

warhawk rider killed 1 rxb elf and got stab to death by the crossbows...

DE turn 6.
Ancient vs Deathstar (round 5 CC)
Ancient issue challenge again, General finally accept and inflict 1 wound on the ancient!! Ancient atks was ineffective due to the pendant cheap ward save wore by the general. LD 9 pass again!!

Moving "dog" hydra near the glade guard hoping to terror them off on my last turn and also moving the solo cold-one near my glade guard to let them choose what to shoot if they pass their terror check. (Shown below)

WE turn 6 (last turn of the game)
Glade guards pass their terror check and choose to shoot at the damn "dog" hydra revenge for their wardancer/wildrider/dryad comrades, inflicting 3 wounds and killing it, "dog" hydra only managed to save 1 of them with regen.

Ancient vs Deathstar (round 6 CC)
Ancient vs DE general continues. Ancient saving the str 6 wound with his 6+ ar save and pendant of cheap ward save protect the DE general again.... LD 9 stubborn pass again!!! Game end.

DE: 1 table quarter + vp difference = 669.

Solid victory for the DE


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