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WH fantasy WE & chaos vs DE 2k

WE list 1K

Noble (gen)
Light ar
helm of hunt
hail of doom arrow
Great weapon

spell singer lvl 2 (fury of forest and treesinging)
dispel scroll x 2

glade guard x 10
glade guard x 10

dryads x 12
dryads x 12

wardancer x 8

great eagle x 1 (proxy)
Chaos list 1k (something like this)

slannesh sorcerer lvl 2
with + 1 pd thing

chaos sorcerer (fire magic) lvl 2
with +1 pd thing

Troll king x1 (proxy)

Trolls x 3 (proxy)

chaos knight x 5 (proxy)
frenzy banner

maruader horseman x5 (proxy)

chaos hounds x5 (proxy)
DE list 2k(not exact)

sorceress lvl 4
pendant of cheap ward save
+1 spell

DE Lord (gen)
with 1+ ar save,regen
cold-one mount

hydra banner
cold-one mount

dark riders x 5
dark riders x 5

spearelf x 15

cold ones x 5

cold ones x 8
strike 1st banner

hydra x 2 (proxy)

cauldron of blood x 1 (proxy)


Turn 2 of the table.

DE turn 2
"zebra" hydra charge into the troll king unit. The main body of DE continue moving forward, the deathstar cold ones unit getting lashed by slannesh spell and can only move at normal movement. The Dark riders and 5x1 cold ones decide to swing around the flank to face the frenzy chaos knights and hounds. (black bases-knights ,movement tray-hounds)
At the bottom right , the dark riders were killed by fire magic and cold ones killed by arrows and WE magic.

The troll king vomit inflicting 4 wounds on the "zebra" hydra and save only 1, leaving it with 2 wounds before the other 2 trolls roll their hits.

With 2 wounds left and taking 4 wounds from the 2 trolls, hydra failed his regen save rolling as above LOL. The troll king unit subsequently overrun forward.

WE & chaos alliance turn 2.
WE glade guard prepare to unleash their arrows at the "dog" hydra.
Scoring 3 wounds and bring down the hydra to 2 wounds. Nothing impressive during the magic phase.

Impending doom for the WE...

DE Turn 3.
"dog" hydra move closing to try flame the glade guard. While the deathstar cold ones march in to prepare for some deforestation. DE spearelf with Lvl 4 wiz decide to turn to face the trolls and maruader horsemen.

DE lvl 4 wiz miscast suffering a strength 2 hit which she failed to save, magic phase end.(wahahahh)

Str 2 breath, killed 3 glade guards.

WE & chaos alliance turn 3.
Dryads, wardancers, noble decide to charge in rear + flank of the hydra before it can wreak havoc in the WE gunline.

Chaos knights and hounds hunger for some action, decide to move forward.

Troll king unit + maruader horsemen moving in closer for the kill, while our resident DE player explain some tactics - which I forgotten.

Uneventful magic phase, glade guard archers scoring 7 wounds @ str 4 but only 1 cold one dead...

Troll king using his vomit breath and maurader horseman throwing their missile, killer 8 spears. Spears feeling brave with the lvl 4 wiz and decide to stick around.

Wardancers cutting down the hydra handlers and reducing hydra to 2 wounds, noble scoring 2 wounds @ str 6 and cutting the hydra down, before the dryads get to strike.

wardancer + noble + dryads decide to overrun into the deathstar cold ones to prevent from getting charged next turn, as next turn is DE turn. (mistake here? noble & wardancer should overrun forward towards the glade guards while the dryads overrun towards cold ones??)

DE turn 4
5x1 cold ones going in for the kill together with the dark riders.

lvl 4 bitch moving out of "the soon to be crush" spears unit.

cold ones deathstar make short work of the combine chargers and caught the wardancers. Noble died in combat, while the dryads outrun the cold ones.

Chaos knights fluff their armour rolls, 2 dying to cold ones and 1 dying to the lance and was cut down to 2 knights and was caught. Chaos hounds stand no chance against the dark riders and their angry horses.

Angry cold ones overruning into 2nd unit of dryads...

Forgotten to take pictures during WE & chaos turn 4 and DE turn 5.
Summary of WE & chaos turn 4:
2nd unit of dryads was decimated by the 5x1 cold ones. 1st unit of dryads rally. Glade guards killed 3 cold-ones from the deathstar cold-ones unit. Chaos trolls charged the DE spears and the ugly trolls scare the pansy spears away.

Summary of DE turn 5:
5x1 cold-ones & 5x1 dark riders move closer to WE gunline. Lvl 4 wiz played merry-go-round with the trolls.

WE & chaos turn 5
dryads charged the dark riders who were trying to be funny, great eagle and maruder horsemen charget the cauldron of blood.

Fluff my rolls, Dryads killing only 1 dark rider... combat draw...

Great eagle deal 1 wound killing 1 witch, maurader killed 1 witch, champion witch strike back killing all maruader horsemen... eagle break and flee... (2nd time eagle flee in the whole game)

DE turn 6.
5x1 cold-ones charge in to help the dark riders, DE cold-ones (bsb & gen) declare charge on slannesh wiz, slannesh wiz flee to let the 2 elves deathstar fail charged & eat another round of shooting.

Juicy! Nothing exciting during magic phase.

The 5x1 cold-ones killed 3 dryads and the remaining dryads wiped out the dark riders, the dryads was no longer in contact with the cold-ones. Our cheesy chaos player say that Dryads got out of combat? because no longer in contact with cold ones. (hmmm...)

WE & chaos turn 6. (Last turn before game end)
Dryads charge the flank of cold-ones, troll king unit charge cauldron of blood a.k.a cooking pot.

Magic phase, chaos-fire wiz, killed lvl 4 sorceress with a 5hit str 4 fireball and subsequently rolling triple 1s for conflagration of doom and rolling 2 for miscast, killing himself instantly. (chaos gods sure are fickle)

Overkill... troll king > witchelf

What the table look like after end game.
The cauldron was smashed, the DE deathstar bsb was killed by the glade guard arrows and the DE general panic and ran into the dryads unit. Dryad and 5x1 cold-ones inflict no casualty on each other, dryads pass break test and game ends.

solid victory for WE & chaos alliance.

End of game:
If the lvl 4 sorceress nv die and DE general never ran, it may be a draw. Anyway our DE player had some badluck in early magic phases and end game rolls. My wardancers & noble overran into the wrong direction and that cause me some points. Chaos trolls + king survived with more than half strength again, they had killed treeman ancient, hydra, ASF executioners, grave guard bunkers. Its there anything that can stop them??


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