Sunday, May 17, 2009

WH fantasy WE vs VC 1k

DT - WE vs DF - VC, both of them are using the two armies for the 1st time. DF got interested in VC after I played my VC against his DE a few wks ago. (no battlereport, but minor victory for the VC if anyone is interested in the result) DT was forced to use WE since he was coming to watch an intro 40k game and did not brought any armies...

Deployment for both armies. (middle finger intimidation by DF)

Turn 1 WE.
dryads and treekins move forward. Treeman and 2 spellsingers hide in the forest to "tree surf" forward.

Turn 1 VC.
Everything move forward. Raise dead 2 units of zombies and invocate them to 10 & 7 each. banshee killed 2 dryads with her scream. (DF not knowing forest spirits have magical atks.)

WE turn 2.
Dryads on left flank charge the banshee/carin wraith unit, dryads on centre charge the zombies in front of them.

Dryads destroy the banshee unit with wounds and CR losing 1 in return and overran into the skeletons unit behind the banshee. Centre dryads destroy the zombies and overran into another zombie unit.

VC turn 2.
Zombies reform to face the rear of dryads engage with the skeletons. Nothing much move, much effort was spend into van hel-sing zombies into the rear of dryads but all was dispelled and book of arkan burn out, back luck with dice rolling on VC side and centre zombies (engage with dryads) was just boost to 10 zombies.

Centre dryads fluff their atks and only manage to kill 3 zombies with hits and CR.

Left flank dryads dealt 5 wounds, needing 5s for ar sv the skeleton saved 4 wounds and killing 2 dryads in return. Dryads fail their break test and ran straight into the zombies in the rear.

WE turn 3.
treekin charge into the zombies to help the fluffy dryads in the centre.

Spellsinger miscast, rolling 10 and taking a str 8 hit but was not wounded. (damn lucky)

Zombies no match for the treekins and dryads. Treekin overran forward.

VC turn 3.
Zombies charge the dryads in the centre and both skeletons and zombies unit reform to face the centre.

VC player miscast on 1st spell, a crucial magic phase lol, taking a wound from the str 2 hit miscast.

The 18 zombies was no match for the dryads and was wiped out.

Dryads overran into the 20 skeletons that reformed earlier.

WE turn 4.
Treekins move around the corner to the rear of the VC battleline. Dryads killed 13/15skeletons through CR and wounds. 2 skeletons tarpit the whole dryads unit for a flank charge later.

VC turn 4.
Zombies charge the tar-pit dryads. Corpse cart move behind the dryads hoping to catch them if they break and run from skeletons.

Not much luck with invocation only 5 skeletons from the 2 vampires and necro.
CC- skeletons and zombies lost 2 each but won through CR and dryads break from CC, running away from zombies since they got higher U/S. If they ran from Skeletons they would be caught by the corpse cart. Dryads run far enough to escape the pursing skeletons.

WE turn 5.
Dryads rallied, treeman charge the corpse cart, treekin wheel and move at 5" closer to main battleline. Treeman killed the necro on the corpse cart and corpse cart lose a wound from CR.

VC turn 5.
Skeletons charge the dryads.

Invocation raise back 13 skeletons.

CC- dryads killed 4 skeletons and lost 1 of their own. Skeleton win by 1 CR and dryads broke on LD 7. Rolling to flee, dryads rolled 3 and DF (VC player) decide to be funny and shouted double ones and he rolled double ones LOL!
treeman took corpse cart down to last wound.

WE turn 6.
Dryads rallied. Treekin charge the skeletons and a lucky shot from the spellsinger killed a vampire. Treeman finish off the corpse cart but cant overun. The skeletons did not wiped out and stay for turn 6 VC CC.

VC turn 6.
Vampire general move away to try cast raise dead x2 to claim 2 quarters but both failed to cast. With last dice to cast invocation which was easily dispel by WE.

Treekin killed 4 skeletons and got them down to half strength taking 0 wounds in return. Game ends.

Massacre win for the WE.

VC left an above half strength skeletons unit and a full wound vampire and only killing a unit of 10 dryads.


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