Monday, March 15, 2010

3 Games of 40K

Played 3 games over the past two weekends. As I was travelling I didn't get to put them on.

All games were 1500 Nids versus the following:
1. Daemonhunters: my enemy kept hiding at his lines and feared my Tyrant. The moment I closed in on his lines, he evaporated. I won this game holding 2 vs 1 objectives.

2. IG: my enemy had so many guns it was not funny. I lost my big creatures in 1 round of shooting. IG is the army to look out for. My guard and tyrant died in 1 turn of shooting. By turn 3 I called it a loss. More fast units to deal wi his shootiness. I strongly suggest a Trygon or Mawloc (which I have ordered)

3. Dark Eldar: Surprisingly this book still works well in this edition. He had lots of high strength weapons but insuff to blunt my attack. Managed to get into his line and they just crumbled. My genestealers didn't really do very much. Outflank is powerful but not super uber.

Take a look at the pics and put comments!


crazyrat said...

NICE! 2/3 wins!!! You still got the 40k POWAR in you ahahahha. Damn your warriors nids are nice! The battlefield pic really very different from the early pic you posted.

enrgie said...

We have a lot of terrain settings. When I return we must have terrain modelling days. The terrain makes the games all much better to play.

Come to HK and bring a 1500 point army and you will be inspired.

I have more models that are WIP. I will showcase it soon!

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