Saturday, March 6, 2010

Batrep 1750 CSM vs 1750 SW

Had a game with Defu Space wolf using my CSM as only my CSM can hit above 1750. No pictures, no animated pictures. Dizzy + sleepy to do any... Maybe next wk I'll create some pictures if I still can remember.

Mission: Seize ground ( 5 objectives)
Deployment: pitch battle

Game end on turn 6.
Victory to Space wolf : 2 - 1

Make some mistakes by reserving my berserkers and land raider. Also should have deepstrike my terminators on the right flank of Space wolf holding an objective. Giving them more targets to shoot at and also protecting my daemon prince. Daemon prince was shot to death before he could do any damage. Position my sorcerer too far behind limited my choice of Lash targets. On turn 6 I should had charged Logan grimnar (already engaged with a PF aspiring champion) with my 7 remaining chaos marines with champion (power fist), but past experience with Logan prevented me from making that choice. If I managed to kill him, the game would be a draw.

Past experience - Logan grimnar survived 6 agonizer atk wounds!

Rune priest runic weapon = EVIL!

The khorne Daemon prince was transformed to chaos spawn for his failure yet again.


Skanwy said...

Man, Logan is a legend haha!

Sounds close fought man :) The Daemon Prince did it again. How come he is so consistent in this way lol! Maybe give him a new paint job, lots of red gore ;)

Anonymous said...

Berzerkers should have no problem tackling Logan.Concentrate on whacking the unit he is attached in first.
Wolves will pay next time!
No guilt, No Remorse.

Krom said...

It was a closer game than it seems =)

Lol. You sound like you have a farm for chaos spawns already man

crazyrat said...

Berserkers was busy slaughtering each other and only came on turn 4 :(
Only to find themselves getting their butt kick by thunder wolf cavalry.

The Forge World khorne daemon prince model await my summoning! (Actual model will perform better)

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