Thursday, March 18, 2010

Batrep 3.5k CSM + SW vs IG + Eldar

Currently doing some changes to the blog and due to my "noob-ness" in html or rather lousy blogging skills, the blog is in some mess :(

Anyway played a big 3.5k pt game 2 vs 2 last wkend.

Mission: capture & control
Deployment: Spear head

IG deploy everything except the 3 devil dogs on table, while his Eldar ally decided to reserve everything. CSM and SW deploy mostly in cover due to the sheer amount of IG big guns. SW reserve the TWC and CSM reserve the DS suicide terminators. IG roll a 3 for seize initiative.

Heavy wep team was panic off by SW long fangs in 1st turn, most wolf guards move to the centre and marines top right flank. 1/2 colossus was wrecked by SW fire power.

Chaos LR went right in front of IG lines and pop smoke and due to insufficient firepower, the LR escape unharmed and berserkers inside were able to assault the IG firing line in turn 2, supported by DS terminators who help wep destroyed a colossus gun. Berserkers managed to kill off company command squad, a 20 guardsman squad but was cut down by IG mass 66 las gun shots and 36 blade storm shots. Chaos terminators continue to prove themselves by surviving assaults from tech servitors, rallied guardsman and melta guns from veterns. Chaos termins continue to be a thorn throughout the game in the IG/Eldar side, Contesting IG objective and killing any troops that try to claim it back.

Due to lousy rolls, many of IG and eldar vehicles only appear in turn 3 and 4. Which was systematically destroyed by the marines army. Fire prisms shots all save by superior power armour and cover saves!

Lash sorcerer, lash guardsman out for the TWC to charged, wolf guards decimate 6 eldar jetbikes at the flank trying to contest/claim marines objectives. 3 Devil dogs were all destroyed when trying to flush the chaos marines out holding marine's objective. TWC continue their blood lust by going into IG firing line to kill more veterns trying to claim back IG objective.

Seer council in wave serpent moved flat out but was assaulted by a dreadnought and Daemon prince and 6 chaos marines, and wrecking it killing everyone inside.

In turn 6, much of Eldar was destroyed or killed, IG had a surviving colossus which suffered wep destroyed, stun , shaken , immob numerous times but was repaired back everytime. The colossus survived the battle hehehe.

Game end on turn 6.
Objectives: 1-0
Victory to CSM + SW


enrgie said...

Where are the pictures?

Here's what you can do:
1. open an account with Picasa
2. play game
3. dump all pics there!

We can make comments there!

Skanwy said...

I always miss you guys when i read the battle reports lol!

I especially miss (and fear) crazyrat's suicide termies haha!

Sounds like another fun filled game man :)) The reserves rolls seems to have been much against the eldar and IG.

enrgie said...

Who is Skanwy?

crazyrat said...

Yea finally the suicide termines do what they are supposed to do. Not running away screaming like little girls when get shot by torch lights.

enrgie said...

LOL send me some pictures!

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