Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Orks strengths over nids

Ray this is written for you lol...

The things that will threaten your army are the following: (top priority listed top)

1)LOOTAS - Extremely dangerous to your army. D3 str7 AP4 shots each model and he can take 5-15 in a unit. Every ork player will bring at least a unit. If there are more 11-15 of them, they are fearless. So your opponent will likely bring 11-15 per unit. They are elites so you would see at most 3 units.

Their weakness are their lame Leadership (LD 7) and paper armour. To eliminate the paper armour weakness, your opponent will mostly likely put the lootas in cover to get cover saves. So you are left with 1 weakness to exploit - LD. On your 1st turn, try to cut their number to below 11 to let them take panic test. When they numbered less than 11 they will lose their fearless. Their base LD is 7 but can buff their LD by the number of models in the unit. Example (10 lootas = LD 10, 11 Lootas = fearless, 6 lootas = LD 7). If on turn 2 you can reduce their number to 7 or below, they have a very high chance of running.
Even if they rallied, their firepower will be greatly reduced as the deffguns are heavy D3 and they count as moving after rally so cannot shoot on that turn.

Assault I think your outflanking gene-stealers will slaughter them

2)Warboss + nobz + painboy - I think your bugs can handle them, becareful of power klaws (aka power fist). Dont solo charge in with your big bugs, they will get slaughter by the hidden power klaws. Reduce their numbers before going in solo or charge together with other bugs. Painboy give FNP and they can buy 5++ saves. Nobz are 2 wounds each and T4. Try to instant kill them and dont let them roll FNP.

3)kilkannon, boomgun, shokk atk gun - Not units but weapons. Str 7-8 respectively, shokk 2D6 str . AP 2-3. All 5" Large blast. With orks crappy BS of 2, they need not roll to hit, just a HIT or low scatter it will catch your bugs. There are other str 8 stuffs but all need to roll to hit with BS of 2 so can ignore them hahaha.

4)Deffkopters - Imagine eldar jefbikes that can drop bombs that wipe alot of your small bugs(once per kopter), T(5)4 W2 can scout move, got powerklaw to smash your mid-size bugs or reinforce draw assaults. How to deal with them, maybe hive guards?

Ok I think these are the dangerous stuffs against you. I left out the weirdboy (ork psyker) and the special characters. Just know that ghazghkull thraka waagh make his 2+ armour sv invul for 1 game turn.


enrgie said...

Thanks YC!

This is a good overview. So there is a potential of me being hit with 15x3xD3 Str7 AP4 shots per turn!! OMG! I do have some units arriving from Reserve (Trygon) and my flying tyrant should be able to assault them in Turn2. What about Vehicles? Should I fear the Battlewagon? I know he has one with the big roller! I am still trying to push forward the nids as fast as possible into his lines but you are right, I will have to combine the small guys with the big ones. The Biovores will keep the spores raining down and hopefully fuddle up their deployment and movement. The horde will then move up the middle supporting the MC's. If it's a objective based mission, I will hold the Termagants back. The Hormagaunts will support the initial push.

The reserves will show up and hopefully mop up the rest of his army - if they arrive on time! In fact, my reserves are the stronger nids in the army. I have the option of outflanking a Troops choice so I may just use my Termagants if it's a KP game - so that I can pour some firepower into them the turn they arrive and maybe put in a cheeky charge if they are in range. That's all in my head at the moment. I will take pics for you guys.

crazyrat said...

Battlewagon F14 S12 R10. He can load up on big pie plates weapons as mentioned above, or use it as a transport for his warboss + nobz. Since he has the deff roller, he is using it for transport. If he tank shocked you, your affected unit will get D6 str10 hits. Still can take armour saves, just that it will be easier to wound your big MC.

The tactic will be, tank shocked you 1st let you take some wounds then disembark his assault unit then assault you to clean up. Since the battlewagon is fast and open-topped. He will move 6-12" -> tank shocked -> disembark 2"-> assault 6" (if he waagh with ghazgkull add a further 6" for fleet)

If you death or glory it, your unit will take 2D6 str10 hits instead, but good thing the rear armour only 10 and open-topped.

enrgie said...

Unless I can charge him first. With wings I have a 20” move followed by fleet of D6” (3D6) and then charge 6”. I have a threat range of 27-32 inches. If he brings his battlewagon, I intend to use my Swarmlord to tempt him to charge the entire unit keeping the Flyrant back. I can keep the Flyrant in the unit to tempt him even more! Haha! But thanks for this, it will keep me ready for the eventual battle to come.

How did you know that he will be using it as a transport with the big roller?

Anonymous said...

Take heed, never allow the Orks to charge you. The ideal situation will be you charging Orks OR Orks charged into useless/tar pit unit.

If the Ork boyz are in Trukks, I believe you will be in alot of trouble since looking at your list you have almost no shooting units. The most possible scenario is you assault Trukks, Trukks whacked and boyz disembarked. Following turn, boyz charge you and will most probably do tons of damage.

Outflank Genestealers only if he deploy Loota within 8" of the short table edge (which is unlikely).

Looking at your list, I have a small suggestion. Since Orks doesn't have frags, deploy 1" into the terrain and let the Orks come to you. This allows you to strike first.

Hope helps.

enrgie said...

I like where this discussion is leading to. Very strategic.

Who are you Grimcron? LOL!

Anyways, do Orks have grenades? The only thing is that it seems kinda funny for me to be skulking around instead of pushing for the assault.

I will hang out in terrain as much as I can but the HK guys don't play "area terrain" so I will have to hide behind actual ledges etc but they are scarce!

Good point about not outflanking unless necessary. I guess Orks will be moving forwards but keeping my Genestealers in Reserve will keep the Orcs on their toes. I am thinking of going 2nd to allow them to come closer before I spring my Reserves.

Ginge said...

Orks can be bought grenades, but it's cheaper if they have transports to put grenade launchers on them. Same effect at a lower price on the turn they charge from the vehicle. Even with the grenades Orks are only I3 on the charge, I can't remember Nid stats but I imagine you'll strike first or simultaneous. The real danger is the sheer amount of attacks on the charge. I charged a guard command squad last night. They had carapace, bodyguards and feel no pain to absorb wounds, and were striking simultaneously. They managed to kill 2 orks, but as two of my mob had been out of assault range anyway it wouldn't have made much difference if they had struck first. The 68 attacks from the rest of the squad got enough to wipe out the squad apart from the officer, and while he managed to pass two invulnerable saves against my power klaw, the combat res had him needing double 1 to avoid running.

As for the deff rolla, remember that death or glory against it you'll take 2d6 str 10 hits, regardless of whether you stop it or not. So you could well kill it but still be run down. Last night my deff rolla bagged a leman russ eradicator, a leman russ punisher, a squad of guard and a sentinal. It dropped off the command squad killing boyz and could have done more damage, but instead I showed un-orkish restraint, picked the boyz back up, and claimed the objective for the win :oD

Anonymous said...

I have a blog myself and have recorded two Ork battles. You can check it out and take reference at what to expect. My blog at


crazyrat said...

Answering your questions 1 by 1.

Battlewagon can take lots of guns, 6 to be exact, all str 5 and above. If he move only 6" he can shoot all of them. Since he bought a deff roller and the BW can carry 20 troops, he can keep it cheap by just buying a deff roller and using the huge transport capacity.

40k wings only move 12" hahaha , you play too much fantasy like me. Wings consider jump infantry.

orks got frags nades call stikk bombs, same function different name.

Deff-roller more dangerous for vehicles, for your MC, roll your armour saves :)

Grimcron = Alvin. I dont know if you know him or not from kenny's place. To relate to some 1 you know, he is Edward's friend.

Throw your biovores away take hive guards! lol I like those models.

Ginge said...

I have to correct you crazyrat, while the battlewagon can be built as a gun platform if it wants to fire them all it must remain stationary. Being able to move 6" and still fire at full effect is a benefit of fast vehicles, which the less equipped truks are, but battle wagons are not.

enrgie said...

AHHHH! 12" not 20"! Bollocks! That means that I really need to use the Swarmlord as my bait. So at 6" how many weapons can he fire?

Hi there Alvin! I think I may know you but I cannot remember your face at the moment. I've seen your nids before.

Yes, as tempted as I am to get those Hive Guard, I wanna play with the models I have first, paint them up before buying more. I saw Alvin's blog and his Hive Guard. Very nice models! It's definitely on my list of things to get.

As for not letting orks charge me, I will stick to the terrain and will target getting the charge in.

Again thanks for the tips!!

crazyrat said...


Yes BW are not fast. Didnt know why I kept thinking they are fast when typing this.

enrgie said...

BW is Battlewagon!

Ginge said...

At 6" he can fire one offensive and all defensive weapons. But given I don't think it can have defensive weapons, you'll basically see two loadouts for battlewagons. Up to the gills with guns, sit there and shoot (possibly with a squad of lootas inside, if good cover is hard to find, though this is putting all your eggs in one basket. A better idea is a small squad of boyz to make the thing count as scoring.) The other is charge across at the enemy. Stripped down, though after the recent FAQ allowing deff rollas to squash vehicles they'll be all the rage. It's worth putting a couple of big shootas on even if you never use them, otherwise a weapon destroyed result upgrades to immobilised, and suddenly your deff rolla is going nowhere!

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