Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 minute Nid Update

Have currently prepared a list for the weekend. I am at the moment using the list of a painting guide and want to move many of the models into Stage 1 so that there is some cohesiveness on the battlefield. Also add in the fact that my current paint scheme is green so it does stand out. Ideally I complete them units by units but realistically this is rather boring hence I have jumped from unit to unit.
Stage 1: base colours to skin, black on all carapace (time consuming due to drying)
Stage 2: skin shading included over the base colours to skin, first highlights over carapace, red claws (major details)
Stage 3: all highlights on carapace complete (final detailing), toxin sacs, eyes
These are the following models that will be going through the process:
· Winged Tyrant – to complete the base colours including shading to skin Stage 2
·Swarmlord – just received the new tyrant model. To build him up and basecoat him to Stage 1
·  5 Hormagaunts - all are at stage 1. To bring to stage 2
· 5 Termagants – I may leave them wi the current scheme as there are models above that I will prioritise. They     are also modelled as Spine Gaunts which is near useless in this book, I intend to use them as Fleshborers
·  9 Genestealers + Broodlord – just got them yesterday so am constructing them.
·  Trygon – still waiting for the model. It’s been a week delayed.
·   3 biovores – just completed building them.
This list is quite monster heavy. Deliberately did it to help with me getting a completed army on the table and to get a spread of models. Pics to come soon


crazyrat said...

wow! painting plan, I should plan 1 also hehehe

enrgie said...

Yes, I think with using an army list as a painting plan works very well. Keeps me focussed. The more I use a model (in more lists) I eventually paint him finish. As long as the model is on the list, he is painted that week. If he is not on the list, I move to the next model on the list. If I use him for week 3, again I will pull it out to paint.

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