Friday, March 19, 2010

Painting List - Updated

Painting List:
1 Hive Tyrant (HQ) – currently on the painting table and focus for the next few weeks
1 The Swarmlord (HQ) – to be constructed
3 Tyrant Guard Brood (HQ) – using the old models at the moment. Long term plan is to use them as Tyrant Guard with Lashwhip+bonesword+rending claws. I plan to get the new models as the regular high armour unit but am going to put off buying these models as far as possible
1 Trygon (Heavy Support) – just completed construction. LOVE this model!
9 Genestealer Brood (Troops) – just constructed 8 (one box) but am quite torn between putting all rending claws or to include scything talons. I will play them without arms first until I am confident of the combination
1 Broodlord – to be constructed
15 Termagant Brood (Troops) – these are always my pain. I have them all in spinefists and do not want to remodel them into the new fleshborers (which are cheaper points wise and are strength 4-basically a boltgun at BS3). My take at the moment is to paint the spinefists guys and just tell my opponent that they are armed with fleshborers. Not that it’s confusing considering that the entire brood is armed the same way.
14 Hormagaunt Brood (Troops) – Stage 2 for 8 models. Still working on the other 4 more. This brood is the closest to being finished
3 Tyranid Warrior Brood (Troops) – Are at Stage 3. You’ve seen them.
3 Biovore Brood (Heavy Support) – constructed.
3 Spore Mines -constructed


Skanwy said...

Yo Ray!

I really like your Tyranids thus far. I just got the Tyranid codex. They look really fun to play now with new monstrosities :)) The purple is just sublime man! Lookin' really really good!

I played 2 games against Tyranids and i fear the Doom of Ma'lantai and the Mawloc lots!

enrgie said...

Thanks Skanwy but who are you? LOL!

Doom is less powerful than people think though!

I have not tried the Mawloc yet but I fully intend to run it!

crazyrat said...

Skanwy = Sam hahahaha He is in Australia currently.

I want to versus nids!!!

enrgie said...

Ahhhhh I knew it!

Okay, you can play against my nids the next time I come back to SG. I'll bring my nids back. Be prepared to be assimilated!

Btw, do you have a room dedicated to gaming now?

Skanwy said...

Yup yup it is I the Sam hehehe!

I'm currently using Iyanden Eldar. Had much fun with them :) Its my army fluff to fight da 'Nids.

Hey YC, great new look for the blog! ;) I like the wolf/lion head on the banner/heading! Very cool!

enrgie said...

Haha I guessed so! Show me some pictures! I wanna see your Eldar! It's my first army actually. we should post more pics!

When are you coming back to SG Sam?

Skanwy said...

I am hopefully coming back in June/July for a month and then going back to Aussie and returning at end of year Nov/Dec :)

I remember your eldar Ray :) I ended up giving in and collectin' me own haha!

I have a blog started only recently, i think its listed in Crazyrat's Blog List. Its called The Ward Save. Cos i hope to make some more saves ;P

enrgie said...

Don't forget to pick up more bargains while you are down there!

If there are people dropping their Nids, let me know! I want nids for cheap! LOL!

Looking forward to a game with you guys soon. I already told YC that I will bring my nids back the next time I come back for a game. Hehehe

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