Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1500 Nids vs Dark Eldar

Had a good game over this weekend. This time against DE. Good game but I still struggle against armour!! Ughhhh....anyways, I have ordered 3 Hive Guard to shoot down those pesky skimmers and flyers. My big creatures will tear the slower heavy vehicles. I'll post my new list later but here's this week's game.

The photos can actually be found here:

I have included captions at the bottom and you can view my comments there! I won't spoil the ending so go over and take a peek!


crazyrat said...

WOW! very nice photos and details from earlier turns. Though how you lost the game was missing. I thought your gene stealers and trygon was wrecking havoc in his deployment zone and swamp lord was protecting centre objective.

Throw your biovores away hahaha, hive guards are good!

enrgie said...

Genestealers are glass cannons! They can't hold any objectives sadly. They can go in and wreak havoc but that's really it. LOL!

The last few turns I was just decimated from the amount of shooting the DE was pouring into my army. Sob...

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