Saturday, April 3, 2010

Batrep 3k IG + orks VS 3k SM + SW

Played a 3k 40k game today with the regular guys. Having just received my battle mission book, wanted to try 1 of the missions inside. We settle with "Prepared assault" as was played out in WD363.

Mission: Prepared Assault
Teams: IG (evils ones) + Orks VS SM + SW (3k /team)
Objectives: 3
Deployment: Prepared Assault deployment

Turn 1 after deployment 

Ork horde prepare to rush the flanks (LR proxy BW)

Thunder wolves at the front lines (hungry wolves)

Vulkan (Right: in black) with tactical marines holding centre objective

Solo Wolf guard survived Rhino explosion

More Tac squads prepare to unleash hell on IG flanks

1st Rank fire , 2nd Rank fire!!

Game ends on turn 5 with the Adeptus Astartes holding 2 objectives.

Battle highlights:
-The game winner unit was the thunder wolf cavalry. The thunder wolves sweep into IG line and kill all the troops, also withering down warboss + nobz unit before a 2nd TWC unit wiped them out.
-A rallied surviving single TWC charge in on turn 5 to kill the last unit of guardsman denying a draw securing a absolute victory for the Emperor's Finest.
-Wolf guards with melta guns and landspeeder with melta suicide push forward to destroy most of orks transport, grounding the ork boyz and using cyclone missles to kill them off.
-Lousy rolls by IG lascannon team failed to destroy most of the rhinos holding troops.
-Master of ordnance damage was negated by cover saves offered by area terrain.
-Colossus was constantly weapon destroyed and stunned prevented it from wiping Vulkan and his tactical squad holding 1 objective.
-Ork mega dread was tar-pit by 6  master crafted thunder-hammer wielding terminators, eventually destroying the mega dread after 6 rounds of combat. 13 shoota boyz came to relief the mega dread but was smash to a bloody pulp by the terminators.
-Hell hounds were destroyed and disabled by missiles, preventing them from flaming the TWC running rampage in IG line.

Funny moments:
-A landspeeder was weapon destroyed by a stray plasma cannon shot and in the following turn was destroyed by a scattering master of ordnance blast.
-Stray rounds did nothing lol... (fan was switch off to prevent any external interference)
-Colossus again survived the battle! suffering multiple, wep destroy, immob, stun, shaken but was not destroyed. Earning itself veteran status. (survived 3 battles - 1x1750, 2x3000)

After battle thoughts:
This mission really favour mechanize armies and a need to push into the centre 2 objectives with more stuffs than your opponent can kill.


Krom said...

Curse the Colossus! Lol. You can be sure that the Techpriest will be target priority ONE next battle =)

Overall a great game on a great Saturday spent with Great friends. Thanks for the battlerep. Looking forward to the next mission!

Skanwy said...

Another exciting game guys! Thanks for posting :) It was a great read, wish i was there!

enrgie said...

This was a good battle! I like how the board looks but I notice you guys were playing on the ground??


Anyways, who were the players? Orc player could afford the Forgeworld dreadnought but didn't get the Battlewagon?! LOL!

Krom said...

No worries Sam, time flies and soon you will be back, and throwing everything bar the sink at De Feng's Colossus too lol.

YC would be that Ork player hahah

enrgie said...

And who is Krom?!

crazyrat said...

Sponsor me a 6 by 4 fold table and we can play on tabletop. lol!

my 2nd battlewagon still in box with shrink wrap :)

crazyrat said...

Krom is Defu, Defeng long lost brother (1 plays HE another play DE).

He used to frequent kenny's place and serene centre. Don't know you saw him before when you are there.

enrgie said...

Hahahahhaha! He is like Wario is to Mario!

I don't think I remember who he is.

I am looking forward to come back and play with you guys.

Go out and get a cheap table to support the board!

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