Monday, April 26, 2010

Game 26th April 2010


Got in a game this weekend. Was hung over and played like a muppet pretty much the earlier 2 turns but my opponent was really nice. He gave me a lot of tips and explained his logic behind his moves and the moves that I made.

Great game but I won't want to spoil it for you so go over to the pics. There will be commentary there.

Do leave your comments too!


Skanwy said...

A very eventful game man! A lot of excitement and reversals :) In the end it seems you had your focus on the objective and won! Despite the bad dice rolls ;)

Your Tyrant has awesome wings! Really nicely done!

enrgie said...

Indeed it was quite an interesting game. I actually asked my opponent why he let didn't focus on the objective but he told me got over confident and wanted to wipe me off the table. LOL

crazyrat said...

no vomit? I was expecting the hive mind to unleash vomit template attack. hahahaha

mechanized IG and you won. Excellent. The plan by the Imperium lackeys to booze up the hive mind fail. The killing instinct still functioning well.

Yes my 1st impression of the tyrant was like WAO! that thing is MONSTER!

Genestealers sneaky sneaky, I also like that photo shot.

The centre ruin looks like forge world terrain!

enrgie said...

WTF is vomit template attack?! LOL!

That is the old 3rd Ed tyrant actually. I attached wings on him and green stuff the other parts so that they meld. I did spend quite a lot of time doing layers on those wings. I still hav to work on the carapace and skin. That model is quite a job...only problem is that everyone KILLS it early so I usually end up wi the model being removed by turn

I want to try a Meatball list. 3 Tervigons with a HORDE! Of course, i will still hav to bring my Hive Guard, those guys are UBER. hahah!

I also wanna try to play with the Tyranofex. Again, the lack of model...sigh

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