Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amended list

Updated this list based on my recent battle:

1 Hive Tyrant (HQ) @ 255 Pts
Leech Essence; Psychic Scream; Shadow in the Warp; Synapse Creature;
Bonded Exoskeleton; Wings; Scything Talons (x2); Hive Commander

1 Tyrant Guard (HQ) @ 60 Pts
Blind Rampage; Shieldwall; Scything Talons; Rending Claws

1 Trygon (Heavy Support) @ 200 Pts
Instinctive Behavior - Feed; Subterranean Assault; Scything Talons (x2);
Bio-electric Pulse

8 Genestealer Brood (Troops) @ 172 Pts
Rending Claws

1 Broodlord @ [60] Pts
#Aura of Despair; #Hypnotic Stare; Rending Claws

8 Genestealer Brood (Troops) @ 112 Pts
Rending Claws

1 Tyranid Prime (HQ) @ 85 Pts
Shadow in the Warp; Synapse Creature; Alpha Warrior; Scything Talons;

3 Tyranid Warrior Brood (Troops) @ 105 Pts
Shadow in the Warp; Synapse Creature; Scything Talons; Deathspitter

10 Termagant Brood (Troops) @ 50 Pts

3 Hive Guard Brood (Elites) @ 150 Pts
Impaler Cannon

1 Tervigon (Troops) @ 175 Pts
#Dominion; Catalyst; Shadow in the Warp; Synapse Creature; Brood
Progenitor; Spawn Termagants; Stinger Salvo

0 Termagant Brood @ [0] Pts

3 Biovore Brood (Heavy Support) @ 135 Pts
Spore Mine Launcher

0 Spore Mine @ [0] Pts
Living Bomb

Models in Army: 41
Total Army Cost: 1499

This army will arrive in two main waves.

Deployment: Tyrant Guard and Tyrant with Wings will deploy up front. Closest to the enemy to take the battle. Tyrant will target heavy vehicles early if not HQ units. High threat units will die first.

Tervigon, Biovore and Hive Guard will hang back. HG will try to take out tanks and skimmers as quickly as possible while remaining hidden. Biovore will target infantry units. Tervigon to keep laying Termagants to capture objectives.

Termagant unit will move forward to as middle group to capture easy objectives.

The main assault will come from the Reserved units:
Genestealers (x2), Trygon and Warriors wi Prime will arrive through outflanking - hopefully on the same table edge. Warriors to shoot enemies who can countercharge the Genestealers who will get stuck in - further up the table since the Genestealers can fleet. The Hive Guard need to have popped open transports for my Genestealers and Warriors. The Warriors will charge anything that survives after that. Nuff said!


enrgie said...

Arghhhh how do i edit!?!?

crazyrat said...

There is a pencil icon next to:

Posted by enrgie at 11:59 PM (pencil icon here) click the pencil icon to edit


u can click the log in on the top right corner and click edit post link

grimcron said...

Frankly, I see no synergy in your list.

1. Wings on Tyrant yet with a Tyrant Guard. You do know that if you do attach Tyrant in, you can't move 12". Unless of course you intend to give the wound to the Guard to DIE first, than free to fly 12". BUT are you aware that you cannot allocate wounds to Guard since MCs can ALWAYS be single out to shoot. This need FAQ but until it does, this is how it is.

2. Trygon cannot outflank. Can deepstrike.

3. If some of your units are going to be outflanking and deepstriking, being so close to the enemy, who are you going to target with the Biovores?

4. Only 1 brood of Hive Guards is not going to do anything significant. In this list, you really only have 1 unit of reliable anti-tank unit in shooting.

All in all, you need to decide how you want to hit your enemy. Mainly anti tank capabilities. By shooting or assault. A mix will leave you hanging here not there.

If shooting, field plenty Hive Guards and supported by heavy venom cannon. Harpies proves to be the most reliable and cheapest to field. Twin linked BS3 is actually better than BS4, statistically.Nids generally has no worries in HtH.

If assault, field more Trygon with regeneration. Run them up and smash! 1 will probably die before hitting anything but when the rest hit, they will smash!

Reasoning behind my suggestion is plenty. Probably too long to type here.

Remember, playing Tyranids means no matter what type you field, always move up and hit them hard!

enrgie said...

At first I thought there is lacking synergy. Some of the games I have played so far have allowed me some insight.

The Tyrant Guard is there to soak up wounds the first round of shooting and really to allow the army to move fwd as one. The TG can be allocated wounds because of Shield Wall. I intend to fly him out when the two reserved units turn up, supporting where fit.

With the biovores, I included them to thin down the masses. I have played against Guard and mannnnn there are so many of them! The only way I see is to put in down some numbers is to use them!

What do you use for Harpies? Proxy or do you model?

I do agree about the shooting. Yes, it is quite light but I didn't know if I should really use two units. What has your experience been?

What about the Tervigon? Any experience?

grimcron said...

Shield wall rule reads you can attach Tyrant in but it is lacking the wording in 4th edition codex to count the guards as MC too in regards to shooting, thus Tyrant can always be single out in shooting. Refer Rulebook pg49 'IC & shooting'.

In addition, once you join the Tyrant into the Guards they form a retinue. Tyrant cannot detech from the retinue unless the TG dies. Its written in the Tyranid codex, Tyrant guard entry.

With many MCs, all the weapons foot IG has will be of no consequence. Just field more as once something reach to engage IG, they will DIE. You must saturate targets for IG, meaning they do not know what to shoot at. Shoot MCs? The gants/warriors/genestealer/etc will eat them. Shoot the gants/warriors/genestealer/etc the MCs will eat them. Let the IG sweat.

If going assault route, you must field units that can move fast. Gargoyles, Raveners, Trygon, Mawloc etc. Field many!

Hive Guards are great. Imagine shooting at tanks and no matter how they park it behind anything, they do not get cover saves. There is no hiding from Hive Guards. Zoanthropes on the other hand are less reliable due they can be countered by psychic hoods. Especially Space Wolves where their RunePriest just roll 4+ and countered. Survivability wise, Hive Guards are better too. T6, is great. But you must make sure to have a gant unit infront of Hive Guards to give them 4+ cover. If possible, FNP them with Tervigon as every gun will be going their way. :D Believe me, Hive Guards are top priority once they start shooting.

Tervigons are another great unit. Scoring MC that can spawn more gants! I usually run out of termagants by turn 3. Fielded 20 on deployment, Turn3 I will have 50 termagants. Now who is going to be more afraid? You having to move so many models or, Him needing to remove so many models. Shoot them, they can always get cover saves. 3+ cover if going to ground. In melee, nobody wants to fight them as they can hold their own(I always give Tervigon toxin sacs thus my Termagants have it too. Wounding on 4+ is great! All the T4+ hates to melee my Termagants).

Nobody seems to shoot at my Tervigon too. T6, W6, Sv3 and 4+ cover(I always put them behind something). Only time they died is in assault and getting Jawed.

Do not feel sad or disappointed when your unit dies due to shooting as you approach. Because once you hit them, Tyranids hit hard. What you need is saturate targets(field many units, as cheap as you can), and a way to pop transport reliably at range(Hive Guards the best).

At 1500-2000pt range, Trygon beats carnifex in almost every way. W6 and Trygon having fleet. It is only at higher points game where we are able to form Carnifex as brood of 2, than they become better and point efficient. I have tried Carnifex with Spore, not cost effective.

enrgie said...

Actually I have not seen an entry in the codex that prevents the Tyrant from leaving the Guard. Shield Wall does not prevent it from leaving. I could be wrong but the whole group in HK allows me to do it. I'll be happy to play it differently if it was wrong. I'll defo change my list if you can confirm this.

I will be fielding the Tervigon once I get my conversion. What did you convert your from? I need Sam to convert one for me!!

I like the analysis so far. Your experience will help the brood to grow. LOL

grimcron said...

My Harpy.

Anyways, I just had a game using Tyranids yesterday. Will post a report soon. Check it out.

enrgie said...

haha you just glued wings onto the Fex!!

Do you have one for the Tervigon??

grimcron said...

Just flipped my codex, indeed there is no wording that says Tyrant cannot leave Guards. Hmm... interesting.

Actually my Harpy didn't just glue wings. I have to custom make a venom cannon for left arm using crushing claw upper arm and venom cannon lower arm. Than I green stuff the front arm socket of the carnifex to fill it up, glue in a small Termagant scything talon arm to act as small arms. I cut off scything talon blades from another termagant arm and glue to side of the carnifex mouth as additional maw. Glued scything tail bit to the tail of carnifex. The wings are magnetized so I can easy transport. :D

My Tervigon is just simply Carnifex with 2 Scything Talon. No conversion done.

enrgie said...

The best Harpy conversion I have seen so far is from Blue Table Painting. Try looking for them on Youtube, then look for their Harpy post.

BTW, what is the best combi for a carni?

Did you magnetise your carni weapons?

Skanwy said...

Hi Ray,

Sure thang man, be happy to do a Harpy conversion for ya ;) You have anything in mind already? I got my Tyranid Codex with me, and i have a good pic of the Harpy in question :)

enrgie said...

LOL I have no idea man. The best I have seen seems to be on Youtube under Blue Table Painting called Harpy.

I found the link:

Look at 3:38. I would probably not have him flying so high up or use such an ugly tail! LOL!

grimcron said...

Yes, all my Carnifex arms are magnetized. It's a must if you are building.

If you seriously want to consider fielding Carnifex for games under 2k, put it in Mycetic Spore. Keep him cheap with Frag spines. You need the scything talons to chase down vehicle. Do consider Trygon. Doing the same thing, same effect on opponent but at lower points and W6.

If you have the points, dakkafex(with 02 TL-BL Devourer) is a good fex. This setup is probably what gives Carnifex a bad name. Don't be surprise at how easy your carnifex dies without doing anything. Too many missile launcher these days. :D

enrgie said...

This may sound noob but how do you magnetize? I've tried it once but my weapons just keep drooping (i.e. points down).

i used rare earth magnets but since they are round, they keep pivotting on the spot since the end is heavy.

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