Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vallejo still water

Bought this to cover up the skull and holes on the realm of battle gaming board. Quite expensive for such a small bottle as the liquid will shrink after drying and you need to pour more to cover the holes evenly. After covering all the holes, i'm left with around 20% of the 200ml. Took 24hrs to dry, but it took 48hrs to fully dry & shrink.

Testing new modelling stuffs not good for the wallet :( 

I'll use the last 20% to make some pond or swamp or maybe use it on model bases.


enrgie said...

Hey what colours did you use to do your board? I want to base my minis to match your board!

Skanwy said...


The water effects look very realistic man! Great job! :)) I miss that gaming board! Haha!

Hey Ray, the gaming board is snow terrain, excellently done by YC.

crazyrat said...

Yea the board was shared by Sam, me and Daniel.

I'll post what paint i use for the board. Basically its mostly white lol...

enrgie said...

I hope you used GW paints so that I can replicate the colours on my bases.

I agree with the board! Now work on the minis YC!

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