Monday, April 19, 2010

1750 BA list

Came up my 1st BA list. Wanting to test Mephiston "uber-ness" I included him as the leader of this BA "strike force". The assault terminators will sit in their LR:R and go forward to engage in CC. 1st turn Death coy dreadnought will drop pod assault down to let opponent have something to shoot, while the rest of my fast rhino and razorback  with death coy and assault marines move forward (flat out if passengers can disembark if wreck).
Sanguinary priest will give fnp to the assault marines and terminators. Last squad of assault marines will either deep-strike in or fly around to engage random things. Chaplain will allow the death coy to reroll hit and wounds.

Mephiston (250)

Chaplain (100)
bolt pistol

Sanguinary priest x 2 (100)
PW x 1 (15)
Termin ar x 1 (35)

Terminator assault sq (200)
TH, SS x 3 (15)
LC x 2 (0)
Ded transport: LR:R (240)

Death coy x9 (180)
TH x 1 , boltgun (30)
PF x 1 , Boltgun (25)
PW x 1, Boltpistol (15)
Boltpistol x 5 (0)
Infernus Pistol x 1 (15)
Ded transport: Rhino (50)

Assault sq x 5 (100)
PF x 1 (25)
SS x 1 (20)
boltpistol x 3 (0)
Infernus pistol x 1 (15)
Chain swd x 4 (0)
Remove jump pack x 5 (-35)
Ded transport: Razorback TL lascannon (55)

Death coy dreadnought (125)
Blood talons x2 (0)
Ded transport: drop pod (35)

Assault sq (100)
combat shield (5)

Points: 1750


Skanwy said...

Hey man,

There is doubt you will hit the enemy lines with all the assaulty goodness there! I've seen Mephiston in action here, he is hard core once he is in close combat.

Can't wait to face the list :))

Krom said...

I haven't seen the rulebook but I'll certainly like to face that Mepcheeseton lol!

Lets fight cheese with cheese =)

On another note, I wonder what will happen when Mepcheeseton goes up against Sam's Ultimate tarpit (Wraithguards) hahaha

Skanwy said...

It would be really difficult to take down the Mephiston. I would only have a fighting chance if Yriel was in there supporting as well ;P

crazyrat said...

wahahaha, he is str 10 force weapon with preferred enemy. 4 atks basic, 6 on charge. I7 WS7 T6 W5...

oh he can fly 12" and fleet also...

if he can cast his 3 psychic powers. (str10, fly12" , preferred enemy)

enrgie said...

WTF!! That's overpowered!! I call BS!

I challenge Macheeseton with my Swarmlord. Hehehhehe

We should play like a skirmish game with all our special characters. Heheheheh

Krom said...

I'll bring Lukas the Trickster and suck everyone into a stinky blackhole (insert sneaky wolfy laughter) lol

enrgie said...

As long as it's not your stinky black hole

Skanwy said...

Hey YC,

I'm doing a BA army up. I couldn't resist the minis lah! Because of my fondness for Deathwing, i will do a Bloodwing. Should be relatively cheap haha! All the minis will be on golden wings ;)

Painting up Dante now. Just got him yesterday!

crazyrat said...

tsk tsk tsk, the black rage had claim this one as well.

BRING IT ON. Ghazghkull will unleash his fury on Dante for spoiling his fun in Armageddon.

Anonymous said...

Nice... where you guys playing? I like to go and get my butt kicked.
Looking forward to meeting Mephiston, Dante, Yriel and Ghazghkull. Yes, Krom not in the list cause... keke... he's my wu jian tao.

crazyrat said...

We play usually at my place now. I dont have your hp number. krom got my number, maybe can contact through him.

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