Sunday, June 6, 2010


Did not complete my 9+1 models for the Tale of 6 armies event organized by Enrgie. I just managed to basecoat the models and half paint a test model.  I will continue to work on them and post the finished models pictures once they are done. 
I blame distractions, like "Battlefield bad company 2", "CSI",  "mousehunt" and my constant slacking for not meeting the date line. Anyway I painted other stuffs with pictures. Click the link below

I wanted to use this drop pod (left) for a furioso dreadnough but after testing it in a game, I still like the death coy dreadnought. Mainly due to limited elites slots. After airbrushing it with Vallejo model air Italian red (right). I'm changing it back to death coy drop pod, masking crosses and some metallic parts (centre) before airbrushing it black. 

1st time using acrylic paint for airbrushing. Its easy to use as it can be thin with water , but its not scratch resistant. Just by moving the drop pod around, the paint on the edges were scratch off by the dragging. The paint was already dry though. Got to be careful  when using model air next time and they sure need a flat/gloss coat to protect the paint.

Soon to be death coy dreadnought (left) with masking crosses. Testing blood fists in 1 more game before gluing on the arms. The drop pod airbrushed with Mr Colour (GSI) flat black no. 33(right). I left some underlying red in the black to show that the drop pod had been converted for death coy use by the chapter. 

The greenish part is some liquid mask I'm testing. Still need to do some touching up on the moving gears on the bottom of the drop pod and other details.

A Skaven plague censer bearer finally finished. Based and sprayed with Mr Hobby flat coat (below).

A Skaven Plague monk also finished. Based and sprayed with Mr Hobby flat coat (below).

Mr Hobby flat coat. I bought many cans few years back during a sale in a gunpla shop. I seldom used them until now (I seldom paint lol). Its a 'very matt' spray, it will dull metallic paint jobs.

Mr Hobby PS-270 dual action 0.2 nozzle airbrush. I bought this many months back only using it recently. Very good weight distribution when holding/using it, wont tip over to the front. I find it  more for advance users as it can spray very thin lines, which I currently dont need as I only use the airbrush for base coat and priming.


Skanwy said...

Hi YC, the Skaven look great man! All the details are well painted and also neat :)) I like 'em!

enrgie said...

Wow, you've been quite distracted this whole week! Get back on your 10 models!

That being said, I notice you've got like 2 different sets of Drop Pods and a Dread.

Go look at this week's challenge!

crazyrat said...

yea hahaha too many distractions, 1 session of bad company 2 can last 5-6hrs hehe. I will continue my death company.

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