Friday, June 4, 2010

BA VS IG (1.75k) normal mission batrep

Played a game today. Testing a new list or rather units and configurations that I never try before.

Mission: Annihilation 
Deployment: Dawn of War (LOL)

Got to apologize to Krom that he came without playing. The traitors IG were rolling 100+ dice for each squad shooting phase...

Pictures and more detailed batrep can be found here in Jaeroler blog.

When typing this list out, I discovered my list is 1680... Forgotten to -35 from the rhino (assault marines taking off jump packs) Got 2 rhinos so a total of 70 pts.

BA list

Sanguinary guard x5
Infernus pistol x 5
PF x 1

Extra Ar
Ded transport: drop pod

Assault sq x10
melta gun x2
Ded transport: Rhino

Assault sq x10
melta gun x2
Ded transport: Rhino

Scouts x10
Missile x1
sniper x3
Camo cloaks x10

Fast Atk
Baal predator
Assault cannon
Heavy bolter x2

Multi melta x1

Kill pts - 8:9 (BA : IG)

Victory to traitor IG.

BA after battle thoughts
-Sanguinary guards = RUBBISH!
No invul and lots of low AP enemy guns = free frags sanguinary guards
(TH/SS terminators still rocks.)

-Assault squad needs a priest or a priest nearby
They cant survive mass guns or mass CC without the priest FNP. 9-10 in a rhino is a good number for staying power.
(Need to tag at least 1 priest along in future games.)

-Dakka baal predator = not fierce enough
With the bulk of BA charging towards enemy, the dakka baal predator staying behind and dakka quite useless.
(Will test the flamestorm and flamer load out + outflank in future games.)

Ar13 die just as fast as Ar12, death company dreadnough all the way now. Somehow I prefer the blood fist over talons, can open tin cans and instant kill squishy. While the talons only can instant kill squishy and scratch tin can paint job.
(Need more testing with blood fists)

Quite good both offensively and defensively but too expensive. I dont really like it as I fluff my dice rolls too much. (Mephiston still the BeSteZT!!!)

1st time using landspeeder and fluff 3/4 of my to hit rolls - rolling ones.
(considering giving 2nd multi melta)


Skanwy said...

Hehe! Which is why i'm using an ALL Sanguinary Guard army for 'fast' games ;P

High percentage that SG will be wiped, but i want to die beautiful ahahaha!

Yah, agree that you need Priests man! They are great!

You could try running the SG with a Librarian on Jump pack and keep them kinda close (but not too close) together. Use the Shield of Sanguinius for the Invul save that Termis usually get. Nothin beats the storm shield invuln though ;) Pity my Deathwing also has no access to them..sigh...

Krom said...

It was alright man. Also good to watch and learn (maybe I'll have less defeats under my belt too lol).

1. I really felt the pain for the small small elite army like BA. Reminds me to get more wolves = more bodies = win! Maybe no super Saiyans but more troopers who are already killy enuff? I dunno.

2. Like Sam's suggestion for a Librarian. BA powers are awesome. Waiting for you to use them man =) And rofl for the "want to die beautiful". Spoken like a true BA, pretty much why pretty boy Tycho turned DC haha. You vainpots!

3. Like YC's suggestion to try out scouting predators with flamestorm. Now you see them-conscripts, now you don't. And don't mind the chao-tar smell :p

4. Learnt a lot too. Pure assault does not work in 40k. One good round of assault (after 1-2 rounds of taking fire). Then stand exposed to lots of counterfire. If you are lucky (YC wasn't), you get one more round of assault in a 5-7 rounds game, and more rounds of counterfire. I can just hear screams for covering fire. Now I must learn to incorporate this into my lists.

JaeRoler said...

Yeah man, Defu should have played first since YC was still designing his list.

My list was still not balanced, especially since I had to change it last minute and what I really wanted in the list could not be legitimately utilized.

I'll post my list up soon (with thoughts) and the pictures for the batrep (blow by blow).

Skanwy said...

@Krom: Yeah manz, they are the prettiest of them Space Marines chapters ;P
Agree with you on having more bodies for counters.

I think the aftermath of an assault leaves the unit open unless multiple supporting enemy targets are also hit all at once. Not easy to do haha! Will keep trying at the LGS though ;)

Krom said...

Haha Jaeroler its ok man. Your list is grounded strongly in basics. That's why it looks simple but is strong. Imagine trying to kill 100 over troopers in 5-u7 turns, or worse contest objectives from them. I needed 2 full TWC units to wipe one unit over 2 turns. Sweat!

Yeah Sam, multiple assaults is the keyword =) Must learn this by heart lol.

Anyway not sure if you've noticed. YC's games are always Dawn of War!

crazyrat said...

"Dont hit my face" lololol

BA can endure mass torchlights shooting if a priest is nearby or with them. This game I didnt bring a priest to see how they perform to counter-shooting/assault.

I will start trying normal HQ soon hehehe. After trying out all special characters except the "old man with gold mask"

Actually my this list is 1680, I did not -35 points for the assault squad in rhino after taking off jump pack. Which is around 70 since I got 2 assault squads.

JaeRoler said...

My thoughts for the battle after finishing the batrep (with a few changes as I was a bit hazy on the things that happened. too many dices...)

The Lord Commissar/Company Commander/HWT combo worked nicely. Having a leadership 10 for my HWTs was a huge boost to my orders especially bring it down.

The conscript line actually worked and affected things more in my favour than I thought. It forced YC's Dreadnought to leave the LRBT alone as it was blocked by the conscripts. That crucial turn of non-assault allowed my HWTs to wreck havoc.

Those conscripts were meant to die and their deaths buy me time. If they can get 1 turn of FRFSRF then its volume of shots is also staggering.

Having so many HWTs allowed for some sacrifice (although deployment was still a pain.) I can lose 3 HWTs in 3 turns and still have 3 HWTs firing at full strength.

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