Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DE vs SW 1.75k/ BA vs IG 1.75k normal mission batrep

Played 2 games today after a week of rest. 1st game was against Krom's SW. He change his list to a more mechanize army with 5 razorbacks, 2 LS, 2 dreadnoughts, 3 units of missile long fangs, 1 unit of TWC and wolf lord on TW with cannon fodder wolves.

2nd game was against Jaeroler's IG. He change his usual mechanize list to an infantry list , his new list posted at his blog.

1st game
Mission: Captured and control
Deployment: pitch battle
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 6.
0: 1

Victory to the SW.

2nd game
Mission: Capture and control (dice gods are fickle)
Deployment: pitch battle (yes again...)
Objectives: 2

Game end on turn 5.

Victory to the BA.

2nd game fluff from the traitors perspective on Jaeroler blog.
2nd game  turn overview here.

Click below for DE & BA list and highlights of game.

DE list
Archaeon-punisher/shadow field/plasma nade/drugs/trophy rack
Incubi x 6
blaster x2, plasma nade x6

Dracon- reaver jetbike/webway portal

Wyches x 10
Succubus- agonizer
blaster x2, plasma nade x10, wych wep x 10
raider, horrorfex

warrior sq x 10
DL x 2

warrior sq x 10
DL x 2

warrior sq x 10
Splinter cannon x2

warrior sq x 10 
Splinter cannon x2


ravager- distintigriter x 3
ravager- distintigriter x 3

reaver jetbike x5
reaver jetbike x5


DE highlights

-DE Archaeon saved like ten plus instant death power fist attacks. His shadow field energy level was over 9000!!! but he was the only model left on DE side. 
-A unit of 7 wyches contesting the SW objectives was tank-shocked off  the SW objectives at turn 6... rolling 10 effectively losing the game for DE. Which could be a draw. 
-Rubber lance was in effect throughout the game... dark lance at best managed to stun razorback even shooting at back armour...

BA list


Assault terminators
3x TH/SS, 2X LC

Sanguinary priest
Terminator armour
Sanguinary priest

Assault Squad
+4 assault marines
melta gun

Assault Squad
+4 assault marines
melta gun 
PF/Combat shield

Death coy dreadnought

Baal predator
flame storm
H.Flamer sponsor

BA highlights
-Mephiston was lascannon to death on turn 2, including a turn 1 perils (double sixes)... casting wings
-Assault terminators plow through 3 units of lascannon team + 3-4 units of traitor guard before dying to a terminator. (made a mistake by moving the sanguinary priest away which resulted termins in losing FNP and 3 terminators died in a single round of lasguns shooting)
-Librarian decided to perils also (double sixes) when casting shield and was subsequent lasguns + grenade launch + melta to death with a 3 men assault squad...
-2nd assault squad with sanguinary priest fare better and killed a lascannon team + some scouting guards and claiming IG objective surviving numerous battle-cannon ordnance and master of ordnance barrage.
-Outflanking baal predator came in at a good position and manage to flame 2 units of IG, wiping out 1 squad and panic off another. Preventing IG from trying to grab BA objective.


Skanwy said...

Wow guys! Exciting battles (drool)! And i notice the games are bigger at 1750pts as well :)

JaeRoler said...

1.75k changes the battle landscape, with more powerful combis and counter-assault options.

Like a Land Raider Redeemer and a payload of 5 Assault Terminators.

The outflanking Baal Predator proved painful, as it panicked off the infantry squad that was designated to capture the BA objective. It didn't last long as it was a huge threat (with 3 flamers) that had to be dealt with immediately but it bought time for the other BA units.

crazyrat said...

hohoho assault termins + LR

I love the smell of Promethium in the morning.

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