Friday, June 11, 2010

Tale of six gamers

Guess I'm probably a week late with my entry for the tale of six gamers. Promised to paint up ten space marines scouts by sunday. Accomplished that but was prevented from posting them online by a faulty internet connection. Only managed to get it repaired yesterday.

Anyways, here's my SM scouts, tried to build them up in line with my '300' Blood Angels successor chapter (hope I don't incur any copyright issues here).

They're actually two units of five each led by a sergeant. One squad is armed with bolters while the other is more offensive minded and armed with bolt pistols and close combat weapons

Squad 1 armed with bolt pistols and CCW Squad 2 with bolters


crazyrat said...

"What is your profession!?"
"Scouts Scouts scouts!!"

Nice conversion and modelling there. Really look like the Spartans from the movie. Their blades/helmets/cloaks/muscle all match, except they are holding bolters now instead of spears.

Eat bolters Xerxes! lol

Skanwy said...

Great job on the Scouts Dan! You really captured the Spartan feel very nicely. Also great use of the warhammer fantasy range :)

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