Sunday, June 13, 2010


Enrgie started Tale of 6 armies 3wks ago to encourage us to paint our armies. After the success of Tale of 6 armies 1st challenge. Tale of  6 armies: Spearhead was started, participants had to commit 1 vehicle/walker/MC and completely built + paint it before 21st June 2010.

Here is my committed vehicle the drop pod.

Click the link below for more pictures and some tools I used.

After spraying with Mr Colour super clear 2 gloss varnish (no.184).

The insides. I decide to go simple with the internal as I built the drop pod before airbrushing. The silver was airbrush with Mr Colour silver (no.8) then wash with GW devlan mud then touch up by airbrushing Mr Colour silver again. The turbine on the top, surrounding metal parts and door internal surface was airbrush/dust with Mr Colour Metallic black (no.78) .

I spray Mr Colour clear blue for the harness and painted some cables with VMC park green flat. The deathwing missile was painted with VMC flat red and the yellow was GW foundation Iyanden darksun. The centre globe thing was painted with VGC Livery green and wash with GW thraka green.

Pigment testing

Testing mig pigments on the moving gears. This is before applying the pigment fixer. By using an old brush and applying the pigment, it instantly produce the effect of drybrushing without all the hassle. 


After applying the mig pigment fixer. It looks more dull now, I should use another lighter pigment to highlight it.

Picture of the fixer and pigment I used. 1st time using pigments and I'm loving it. Very good for weathering models and vehicles and its fast too. I will surely use different colour pigments for my other vehicles and models.

Back to painting my 9 death company. (lots of details... damn hard to paint)


Skanwy said...

Look awesome YC!! I love it lots! Its very realistic looking and the tones are so smooth! I know what u mean by the details on them BA minis man haha! One gem at a time hehe!

enrgie said...

I do like your recent work a lot YC. Very professional!

Looks like I can expect more vehicles coming in our next game.

crazyrat said...

Yea I will be painting the death company rhino next. Should be able to complete it by next week.

enrgie said...

Oooo YC going for the armoured assault!

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