Sunday, May 9, 2010

40k Battle Mission Batrep

Back to playing weekly 40k games.

1st game
Dark Eldar vs Blood Angels (1k)
Mission: Surprise Attack (battle mission book)

DE list

Archon 60
Punisher +20
Drugs +25
Shadow field +25
Trophy rack +5
Incubi 25 x 6
Raider +55
Plasma nades +12
--- 4KP
Wyches 12 x 10
Sucubbus +8
Agonizer +25
Plasma nades +10
Wyches weps +10
raider +55
warrior squad 8 x 10
DL x 2 +20
warrior squad 8 x 10
DL x 2 +20
warrior squad 8 x 10
DL x 2 +20
Ravager 105
Disintegrator +5x3

BA list (not exact)
5x sanguinary guard---1KP
1x sanguinary priest---2KP
1x assault sq with razorback (TL plasma, lascannon)---2KP
5x death coy with razorback (heavy flamer)---2KP
1x chaplin---2KP

BA goes 1st.

Turn 1
BA was able to deepstrike with Dante and sanguinary guards + sanguinary priest and blow up the ravager using infernus pistol. On the other flank, razorback fire lascannon + TL plasma gun at a raider carrying wyches stunning it only due to bad rolls. A 2nd razorback flame a unit of dark eldar warriors killing 4 and making them flee from panic.

Concentrated DL fire blow up the razorback carrying death coy.
Wyches disembark from the stunned raider and move + fleet + charge into death coy. Killing 3 on the 1st turn , leaving 2 death coy and chaplin. 1 more death coy died to "no retreat" rule. (really bad rolls here for BA, failing four 3+ PA and 4+ fnp rolls)

Archon and gang zoom 12" in their raider and disembark, fleeting and charging into Dante and his cronies. Archon took his 3xdrugs and manage to strike 1st killing 3 sanguinary guards, in return Dante killed 5 Incubi. Last incubi killed the 4th sanguinary guard.
Archon remembered to replace new batteries for his shadow field, passing all  2+ invul. Thanks to stubborn rule for all units in this mission, Archon was brave enough to stick around for round 2.

Turn 2
Stunned raider was blow up by lascannon razorback. Wyches sucubbus fluff atks and wyches killed 1 death coy, leaving the chaplin to strike back killing a wyche in return. Archon took 3x drugs again. Killing the sanguinary priest and last sanguinary guard. Dante inflict 2 wounds back to archon, wounding him once and destroying the shadow field. Incubi was cut in half by Dante.

Wyches was able to kill the chaplin, DE warriors mass DL only manage to immob/wep destroy (lascannon) the remaining razorback. Archon took his 3x drugs yet again and overdose... The eldar lord collapse in front of Dante, spasming non stop with foam oozing out from his mouth while trying to grab Dante leg. Dante watch the wretched eldar claw his armour helplessly. Pathetic! Dante rise his leg and stomp on the dying eldar head, instantly turning it into a bloody mess. Dante proceed to a nearby crater and survey the battle on the left flank.

Turn 3
BA remaining Razorback was able to stun the last DE raider. Assault squad inside the same razorback continue to hide inside the transport. Dante continue to survey the battlefield in the crater.

Mass DL again only manage to wep destroyed the last TL plasma gun on the razorback. Wyches charge the immob razorback, wrecking it due to multiple wep destroy and immob.

Turn 4
Assault squad disembark from the wreck razorback and charge the wyches. Wyches strike 1st and killed 3/5 assault marines. Leaving the sgt and 1 marine to strike back, killing 2 wyches. DE warriors on a ruin temple, spot Dante in a crater and switch their DL to target him. 2 beams of dark energy speared towards Dante, 1 hitting the edge of the crater, creating another miniature crater. The 2nd beam pierce through Dante chest, the dark energy beam proved too strong for the iron halo. 

The wyches combat with the assault squad continue, this time the wyches was able to inflict 2 agonizers and 9 wounds. With overwhelming wounds, even the Emperor finest stand no chance against such odds.

Victory to Dark eldar


Krom said...

Woooo! A fitting end for an old man in a golden mask haha. BA should all use Macheeston man, eternal warrior ftw. Nice report. Thanks man, wish I was there!

Btw, about Dante deepstriking from reserves in turn 1, is that a special rule from the mission you played?

Skanwy said...

Cool batrep man :) Who played the BA? There seems to be quite few long ranged weapons to take out DE transports.

It was as i suspected, the golden boys are pretty but still quite vulnerable haha!

Was the Sanguinary Priest sporting a jump pack?

Wish i was there to play too leh ;)

crazyrat said...

hahaha old man with golden mask, make me LOL.

Yes, the mission had a special rule call 'orbital assault'. The BA(marine player) can enter play in 1st turn using deep strike.

Daniel was playing BA. He was unlucky with his rolls, lascannon needing 2+ to pen, he roll 1. His armour saves for his death coy was also horrible.

Yea the priest was with Dante and guards so he had a jump pack.

Skanwy said...

The dice gods can be so cruel sometimes lolz!

I know the feeling too ;P Still a great batrep, enjoyed reading it..twice!

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