Friday, May 21, 2010

BA (1.75k) normal mission batrep

Weekday 40k. Played 2 games yesterday.
1st game was against Krom SW, 2nd game was against Jaeroler IG.
I was using the same list here.

1st game

Krom refined his SW list after trying 5th ed BA for the 1st time last week.

A short fluff on the game (battle between mephiston and lone wolf) can be found in Krom's blog.

Mission: Captured and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
(Exactly the same as last week battle hehehe.)

Objective - 0:2
Victory to the SW
(I still hate the lone wolf)


2nd game

Jaeroler change his list to include Straken to buff his CC powers.

The battle report could be found in Jaeroler blog here and his IG list here.

Mission: Seize ground
Objectives: 5
Deployment Dawn of War

Objective - 1:0
Victory to the BA
(I hate melta vets)


Skanwy said...

Nice battles you had YC! Lots of action manz!

I have always been an advocate of the melta vets :)) They are more dangerous than they look haha!

enrgie said...

Great stuff and keep the batreps coming!

Sam, where are your games from Aus??

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