Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Renovation Works

Guys I am testing out the various layouts to the blog. Anyone have a nice banner for the top of this site?

YC I remember you had one in the past?


crazyrat said...

NO!!!!! my eyes what have you done! so bright.

enrgie said...

hehehe, it's much easier to read in this colour at work!

not so obvious la. Black very obvious I am not working!

crazyrat said...

The banner is from a html template, I dont know how to extract it.

enrgie said...

No problem. We will probably have to figure out a way to make this place even nicer!

I guess it'll be good if one of us have a design in mind.

Skanwy said...

Hi all :)

Is the banner the picture thingy on the Blog title square?

If so i did mine by taking a pic of 2 of my minis and then editing it to the desired size. Its quite fun and it'll probably be unique hahas ;)

enrgie said...

Yea, that will be great Sam!

crazyrat said...

Hey Ray, I will be changing the blog back to the original template, the white extended template too messy and bright. Mess up my coloured fonts, picture placement and description.

enrgie said...

no problem mann

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