Monday, May 10, 2010

40k Battle Mission chaos marines vs Tau

Had a 2nd game on the wkend with Alvin (Grimcron). We played 1750 Chaos marine vs Tau.

Mission: Black crusade (battle mission)

Chaos list
Daemon prince
Mark of Khorne

Terminators x5
champion + PF
combi melta x 5

chaos marines x10 x3
champ + PF x3
plasma gun x1 x3
missile x1 x3
Icon of chaos glory x3
225 x 3 = 675

Berserkers x10
Champ + PF
Rhino + dozer blade
Landraider + dozer blade
obliterators x 2
obliterator x 1

More in-depth reading + pics can be found in Alvin (Grimcron) blog. I will provide my version of the highlights below.

My memory for this game is quite fuzzy. The game lasted almost 4hrs and ended on turn 6 with victory to the Tau. KP 8:6.
Though the game had the preferred enemy rule for both sides, we forget about it till turn 3 when we realised that the mission had the rule. We decided to continue play without it since, a few rounds of cc had been resolved without using preferred enemy.

Highlights for the battle:
-Chaos lost 1st turn to tau by rolling 1... landraider was blown up by tau superior firepower on turn 1, rhino was immob, later repair but still exploded in turn 2.
-Terminators suicide deepstrike into tau line and combi melta a squad of 3 crisis suits to death, but was later plasma/sms/rail to death.
-A lucky normal chaos marine was allocated numerous burst cannon/sms wounds (6 wounds) and survived it all, but was later plasma to death.
-2 Gun drones managed kill off 2 berserkers.
-Khorne daemon prince, survived with 1 wound after 2 hammerhead + railgun suit + 6 crisis suits with help of marker lights shot at him. Khorne was definitely looking out for him, but later he fail charge by 1/2 inch to some kroots and was shot to death. (khorne was disappointed for his failure to take skulls and recall him back)
-Terminators decided to flee rolling 12 for panic in a crucial turn...
-obliterators targeting auspex was faulty and kept missing the hammerhead/piranha with lascannon. 
-2 separate squads of chaos marine both fought to the last man or rather champion after been mass assaulted by the smelly kroots and their hounds.
-A surviving lone gun-drone and a pathfinder prevented chaos from getting a draw. 2 fleeing kroot hounds prevented chaos from getting a win.


Krom said...

What an interesting turnout of events (except the landraider getting blown up by railguns haha)!

Another chaos spawn for the blood god for the insolence and incompetence of the ex-demon prince? haha. Give him credit man, he survived the barrage of gunfire (too wounded to move ya?)!

This battlerep would make an excellent story man =)

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