Saturday, May 15, 2010

BA VS IG (1.75k) batrep

Another wkend, 40k as usual. Played 2 games today using the new BA. 1st game was against Defeng (Jaeroler) IG.
I will be using this list as posted here .
Jaeroler IG list posted below in the comments.

Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Pitched battle

Highlights of the IG game:

-BA managed to seize initiative and zoom everything forward.
-Rhino + Razorback was pop open in IG 1st turn.
-Death coy assault 2 chimera, exploding 1 and wep destroyed (multi laser) + immob the 2nd, but was counter charge by IG command team and due to fluff atk rolls by death coy, they stuck in combat with the command sq for 3 turns of CC.
-Filler Assault squad DS into IG rear line but was melta and las gun to death.
-2 devil dogs multi-melta a death coy dreadnought drop pod for 2 turns but was unable to destroy it (LOL).
-A surviving death coy with thunder hammer manage to shaken a devil dog preventing it from flaming a storm shield assault sgt.
-A death coy dreadnought DS into IG lines and assaulted 3 scout sentinels, with fluff rolls throughout the game (1,2,3 for pen result) even with blood talons was stuck in CC with the scout sentinels for 4 turns before killing them all.
-TH/LC terminators was stuck in combat with 3 armoured sentinels for 2 turns before killing them.
- Terminators hoped onto a LR:R and assaulted vet IG holding IG objective and wiped them out, contesting IG objective.
-Mephiston fluff his early sanguine sword and roll to hit, allowing a leman russ executioner to fire for 1 more turn. Mephiston went nuts later and ate 2 leman russ executioner and an immob chimera.
-Assault sq with all the goodies was plasma by leman russ executioner to sgt and sanguinary priest.
-The same assault sq was melta and las gun by some fast running vet IG, with only the sanguinary priest surviving.
-The same vet IG was about to claim BA objective when the sanguinary priest solo charged the vet IG sq and killed 4 with his PW. The vet IG failed their morale check and was caught in sweeping advance.

The traitor veteran guards filled with blood lust rush towards the surviving assault squad sergeant and sanguinary priest. Firing wildly, the las gun shots bounced harmlessly off their power armour and scorched surrounding tress.
Assault sergeant spotting heat shimmer surrounding three veteran guards and immediately knew what was coming next. With his storm shield held high, the sergeant ran in front of the sanguinary priest to block the incoming melta shots. A single melta shot vapourised the surrounding trees, 2 shots impact the storm shield... The storm shield melt under the intense heat of the melta, unable to stop the immense heat. Sacrificing himself to protect the sanguinary priest who has the holy blood of Sanguinius. 
The sergeant power armour liquefied  instantly, his flesh fusing and burning together with the molten armour. His death scream echoing throughout the blood angel vox channel.
The Sanguinary priest filled with rage after witnessing his brother sergeant horrible death. The holy priest ran forward, activating his power sword and with precise strokes, beheaded 4 traitor guardsmen before they could react. The shocked guardsmen tried to flee from the angel of death, but was cut down by the avenging angel.  

Game end on turn 6 with no troops left on both side to claim objectives.
Objective - 0:0

Veteran guardsmen preparing to ambush the "razorback"

Death coy stuck in combat with command squad

Terminators surrounding an armoured sentinel (yes I know its paper proxy...)


enrgie said...

My eyeeeees!

Unpainted models!!

Time to start a Tale of 4 Gamers and get those models done!

We should definitely do one!

Are you guys interested? I can organise it for us.

Skanwy said...

Man the beige color APC looks so cool in the pic!

It was a valiant fight by the IG!

Tale of 4 Gamers sounds good Ray :)) The winter's chill is gettin' to me paintin'arm lol!

crazyrat said...

"Battle of the half built proxies" hahaha

JaeRoler said...

Initial IG Plan before initiative seized :

Deployment :

Centre : Push empty chimera along the road so that it becomes a roadblock unless it explodes. This will force assaulting BAs to move through the right and left buildings where DT tests will slow them down. Veteran squad in objective building to sit tight on 2nd floor and melta anyone who comes in.

Left : Main Assault bulk on left flank, 1 vet squad with 3 MM in chimera to push for BA objective. Supporting it is 3 S.Sentinel w/ lascannon as long-range-low-AP cover (for busting vehicles out of MM range) and counter-assault Company Command Squad to keep pesky assaulty BAs busy.

Right : 2 LR:Exe and 3 A.Sentinels w/ Plasma Cannons to attract animosity from BAs with their high threat level of AP2 templates. They will lay templates on intended exposed BAs.

Reserve : 2 Banewolfs with MC to come in and deal with deepstrikers/Drops.

JaeRoler said...

IG list :

Company Command Squad
Company Commander with Power First
Combat Medic granting Feel no Pain
Bodyguards x2 to eat CC wounds.
Carapace Armour

Veteran Squad
Melta-gun x3

Veteran Squad
Melta-gun x3

Scout Sentinels x3
Lascannon x3

Armoured Sentinels x3
Plasma-cannons x3

Banewolf x2
Melta-Cannon x2
Dozer-blade x2 (in case I need to move past craters)

Servitors x5 (I forgot about them and they never made it into the field. 6 str 8 power fist attacks wasted + getting the 2nd chimera back online too)

LR : Executioner

LR : Executioner

Priest x1

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