Monday, May 17, 2010

Tale of 6 Armies

Okay guys,

Based on the conversations so far we have had, it seems like I have a few people who are quite interested with our Tales of Armies!

In keeping it simple, here are the rules of the game:

  1. Commit 10 models from your collection to this blog - a short post will do but if you have a picture that will do as well (I do suggest signing up for Picasa to store all your pictures) []
  2. Attempt to complete these 10 models within 2 weeks
  3. Put up a photo in 2 weeks from the start date. That gives you 2 full days per model! 
Let me know who else is keen. The reward is completing your army and our battlereports will be so much nicer! 
  1. Ray: Tyranids: 10 Termagants
  2. Sam: Blood Angels: 10 Sanguinary Guard
  3. Youcai: Blood Angels: 9 Death Company + 1 chaplain 
  4. Daniel: 10 Space Marine Scouts
  5. Defeng: Chaos: 10 Traitor Guard
  6. Melvin: 10 Imperial Guard


Skanwy said...

Hi Ray,

I'll try for 10 Sanguinary Guard. Umm...starting this Thursday 19th May ;)

enrgie said...


Let's start on a fresh week.

Start date is 24th May.

I will commit 10 Termagants to this as well!

crazyrat said...

I will commit 10 death coy lol.

enrgie said...

That's awesome. So we will start the commitment 24th May.

JaeRoler said...

I will commit 10 humble troopers from the Traitor Guard.

They will be the first veteran squad to be completed.

enrgie said...

What about Daniel?

crazyrat said...

He just went mad and bought more marines from maelstrom lol!
Think he got lots of stuffs to paint.

Can you give me your gmail address again, so I can add you as author and no need to keep on typing the anti-spam code to post comment.

Skanwy said...

Woohoo! Noice! 24th May it is :))

enrgie said...

YC any way we can add a widget called Calendars?

JaeRoler said...

Beef Nuggets said...

Can I join in?

I'll do 10 veteran Guardsmen.

Beardy One said...

Daniel here. I'll contribute 10 Space Marines scouts.

enrgie said...

of course!! Welcome Melvin!

enrgie said...

Okay guys, to make it less cluttered, I have started an "event" on my blog. Go over, click Follow and click "I'm going"


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