Sunday, May 16, 2010

BA VS SW (1.75k) batrep

2nd game was against Defu (Krom) SW. I will let him feel "mepcheezeto" power! I was using the same BA list as listed here .

Krom's SW list and his thoughts for the game in this link .

Mission: Captured and Control
Deployment: Dawn of war

A short fluff on the battle in Krom's blog.

Highlights of the game:

-Death coy was charged by 4 thunder wolf cavalry and managed to wipe the TWC with 4 losses. (bad armour rolls here for SW)
-Death coy dreadnought was shot by 3 TL lascannon and managed to save all with smoke.
-Death coy dreadnought with blood talons further inflicted 6 wounds on TWC, killing 2 and inflicting 1 wound each to the other 2 TWC, but dying in the process.
-The 1 wound each 2xTWC was charged by the 6men death coy wiping each other out.

-Mephiston fly near an empty razorback and easily blow it up, the explosion killing 2 long fangs nearby.
-Mephiston was shot by numerous TL lascannon and krak missiles and murderous hurricane, taking only 2 wounds. Taking another wound due to murderous hurricane dangerous terrain... lol
-Mephiston charged a rune priest attached with long fangs and easily cleaved him in two. The long fangs fought back but mephiston proved too strong.
-Mephiston fly to 3 TWC that was trying to threaten the BA objective after killing a squad of assault marines ,killing all the TWC in a single round.
-Mephiston was down to 1 wound after getting shot by the last lascannon razorback in turn 6.
-Mephiston fly to the rear of a surviving wep-less razorback with 5xgrey hunters (just embarked) and wreck it up with plasma pistol. The grey hunters tried to shoot mephiston with bolters and flamer but could not take down his last wound.

-Terminators disembark from LRR, multi charged 2 razorback blocking the LRR and managed to blow up 1, stunning and wep destroying (lascannon) the 2nd razorback. The explosion killed 1 grey hunters in the explosion and a lightning claw terminator also died in the explosion.
-3x razorback with 5 grey hunters each disembark near the SW objective and unleash their bolters and flamer onto the terminators, killing 2 thunder hammer and 1 LC terminators. The terminators passed their morale.
-3 men terminators charged  4 grey hunters in a crater and killed them all, consolidating nearer to 5x missiles long fangs.
-the 3 terminators charged the 5x missile long fangs and wiped them out in a round.

-BA assault squad razorback shot a SW razorback and managed to destroy its wep. (lascannon)
-BA assault squad razorback was later blown up by lascannon and the explosion killed 2 assault marines. They succumb to the blood thirst and was fearless. The same assault squad charged  4xTWC  that arrived from reserve and killed 1 TWC, assault squad dying in the process.

-LRR flame and shot a wep-less razorback and managed to immob it.
-LRR later flame 5 grey hunters hiding in a forest, killing them all.
-LRR assault cannon and flame storm cannon 3 long fangs to death.

-3 long fangs fired krak missiles at a squad of assault marines claiming BA objective but all miss! (real sway here for SW)

Game continue to turn 7, but we decided to stop the game at turn 6 as SW had an immob/wep-less razorback that was too far away to do anything. Another SW razorback in the middle that could only fire a single lascannon shot but also too far away to reach either objective. A single squad of 5x grey hunters was left and they were 5" away from the SW objective. With mephiston and 3 terminators within charge range of the 5x grey hunters,  BA turn 7 assault phase would wiped them out. (if no major fluff roll by BA lol) A squad of BA assault marines was claiming BA objective in the left centre flank of the board.

Objective 1:0
Victory to Blood Angels


Krom said...

Good ol' Bloody game with most of my blood lol. Thanks for the "Macheeston special" (with DC squad and Dread madness).

Revenge will be sweet YC. Now where are my God Mode Lone Wolves Ahwooooo =)

JaeRoler said...

I was lucky in having Mephiston gunning for my Leman Russ instead of my squishies. Any ideas for taking him out early?

Krom said...

I think your previous list will do well.

1. Bubblewrap unit to protect your gunline. Check!
2. LC Heavy Weapon Team. Check!
3. Mass Melta (and MM) guns. Check!

more importantly, the list we come up with should be able to cope with other armies also-balanced army list. No point melting Mephiston but get our arses swarmed by orks (also YC's army lol)

JaeRoler said...

I'm thinking of dropping the priest and techpriests, dropping the LR Executioners.

In place will be Colonel Straken to boost the CC (not IC so cannot be targetted, str 6 power wep and power armour, FC and CA) and normal LR.

Enough pts to bring in 1 more vet squad with a chimera for 3 troop units total.

enrgie said...

No pics?

Krom said...

No pics sorry. YC and I were too eager to test the mettle of Macheeston the Super Saiyan (I give this guy too many names man).

@JaeRoler. Straken would beef up your CC powress which might be a good thing. Personally, I prefer to focus more on your shooting though. Regardless, we can look forward to more intense games as YC gets used to his Super Saiyans haha.

crazyrat said...

What should Mephiston eat next?

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