Monday, May 10, 2010

Game 9th May 2010


I had a great 2v2 game this Sunday with the HK Boyz.

Each player had 1750. It was Nids vs Imperium.

I obviously was on the Nids side and these are the following pictures:

Just as a preface, I love the Tervigon! With 2 of these guys, I am almost horde without numbers! Looks like I'll have to get another Carnifex to proxy for these guys until the actual model comes out.


Krom said...

Nice pics! Keep the battlerep coming!

I especially love the "mmmmm nonm nomn nom" part lol. I guess the nids are enjoying their 'power armour-flavor, topped with rhino chasis-flavor cookies'

enrgie said...

LOL yea, I thought that would crack some of you up. Hehehhe, yes, the terrain is amazing! It makes such a difference playing on a table that is filled with realistic terrain. We really should do terrain day where each of us contribute to a certain table.

we decide to do a Urban theme table. We all talk about how we think it should look, come up with the number of buildings we need and each do a piece.

crazyrat said...

Nice pics, amazing terrain. I like the one that look like a refinery. 1 guy did all that terrain?

Actually we are planning a winter urban theme table also. We got the stuffs, just need time and dedication to build and paint them up hehehe.

Skanwy said...

Hi Ray,

Great pics man, the shots do tell a story.

And there are Nids everywhere in the pics!! You sure are dominating the battlefield man :)

enrgie said...

What I learnt at work is that you must really set each person up with an objective and within a time frame. Maybe sit down wi the guys, come up with a frame work and each can contribute! Like a tower/building each.

Yes, this one guy did ALL the terrain. There are tons of stuff more. Those from my previous batrep, you will notice all the winter urban stuff, it's his work!!

Krom said...

Let's do some terrain together!

Can't wait for Saturday to come man, for a game first haha. Maybe we can plan and allocate some terrain for each person this Sat?

enrgie said...

Yeay! i agree. Dan should definitely take charge since he has proven completion skills! Hhahaha

crazyrat said...

Daniel had joined the "buy more than you can ever paint" club. hahaha I think he would be busy painting his stuffs for awhile.

enrgie said...

We all belong in that category! Just task each to complete a portion of the table. I guess it makes more logical sense to actually complete the terrain to high quality since you will be fighting on it over and over again!

Skanwy said...

Hey that sounds really fun! I want to do some terrain too :))

enrgie said...

I'll definitely contribute once I move back.

Dan, can you come up with a fluff piece so we can visualize the table you have in mind?

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