Friday, May 14, 2010

Tyranid Micetic Spores

I've been very interested in the Mycetic spores in the army list but so far without a good model in the GW range has left me the choice of getting an alternate model or make one.

I saw this online and thought this may be a good shout. However, thinking further I might just make my own. Sam, you have any ideas? Like I would definitely like to use existing parts from our Monstrous Creature frames since I cannot sculpt for nuts. That would give it the detail needed. 

Another one I saw:

Finally the guys at Beasts of War gave a very good sample which I am penchant to use. It's got the least amount of modelling, is about the correct size and I guess you guys won't have an issue with it.

Take a peek at this link:



Skanwy said...

Hi Ray,

I think the example of the Mycetic Spore in the lower pics are the best i have seen thus far :) And very innovative use of materiel!

I can only envision stuff i see here as inspiration. Maybe the mini footy ball can be used in the same fashion.

Most people i think use the egg shaped styrofoam haha! Its lightweight and the basic shape is there :)

enrgie said...

What egg shaped styrofoam?

Skanwy said...

Wow! Fast rep man :)

Its a styrofoam piece shaped like an egg sitting upright, kinda like position of the egg in a carton.

I have a plan to make one easily. It involves halving the foam and then adding bands over it like a roach's egg sack. Then add a maw like mouth for the exit :) Its more tactical as it has a lower height. but not that low as to be cheesy haha!

I do one and show u, mebe next week ;)

Btw do you know the footprint of the Mycetic spore in terms of inches?

enrgie said...

haha because i get all replies to my email.

I have not seen this egg looking styrofoam before. Hmmm...must check ArtFriend when I am back in SG.

Show me your idea! Why not do a step by step guide?? heheh

Skanwy said...

Yup sure man, i'll post some pics when its done. Hopefully by next week haha!

And yup you can indeed find the egg styro at Art Friend :)

enrgie said...


I think the base size of the spore should be about the monstrous creature base size, 60mm. Or you can check against the actual SM drop pod diameter.

crazyrat said...

Yea art friend confirm got sell the egg shaped styro-foam, its around 7-8 inch in height.

Alvin said...

I made my Mycetic Spore from egg shaped styro from art friend.

Skanwy said...

Hi Alvin,

Your Mycetic Spores look great man! I am diggin' the impact crater as the base too :))

enrgie said...

Grim those Mycetic spores look cool man!

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