Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WIP Death coy

Enrgie started Tale of 6 armies  to get us painting. I committed 9 death coy and 1 chaplain for the painting event. Here are my progress:

9 death coy primed and ready to be painted. I throw in mephiston and a chaos marine too. (chaplain was not in picture but was primed)

Some tools I used:

Piece of crap "merlion" compressor (notice the amount of moisture in the moisture trap) overheat easily, 1hr usage and the whole compressor will scald your hand if you touch it.

DIY Spray booth. (priming a drop pod)

Cheap and good airbrush. ("Mr Hobby" PS- 268) Single action 0.4 nozzle airbrush. Good for spraying primer and metallic paints.

Something ("Mr Hobby" Drain/dust catcher) I use to counter the "merlion' effect caused by the lousy compressor.

Thinner and flying paint particles not good...

Thats all, back to painting my test death coy model.


Skanwy said...

Wow! Nice gear man!
What does the compressor do?
I like the gas mask :))

Are you gonna use washes to do up the DC?

enrgie said...

That's a great way to get terrain completed really quickly!

crazyrat said...

The compressor provide air for the airbrush so that paint can be spray out from the airbrush.

Yes I will be using babab black wash on the armour of the death company. Will provide test model pictures once its completed

Skanwy said...

Ahh i c :) The setup for the airbrush looks good man! I've been thinking about the airbrush but dunno how to use it lol!

Coolz! I thought it would be washes once i saw the white primer ;) Can't wait to see pics of a DC marine.

Cheers :)

crazyrat said...

Airbrush + compressor is a good investment. Allow you to apply smooth coats to models and vehicles. Faster also.

Vehicles especially benefit from airbrush techniques - can do "freehand" patterns, weathering, insignias. All faster and less tedious compared to the paint brush.

Youtube got videos that teach basic airbrushing and all the necessary equipments. I can show you my stuffs also when you are back.

Skanwy said...

Cool! Would love to have a closer look at the airbrush gear and mebe how its done. Thanks :)

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